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Somebody Is Lying & It Is Everybody
Sonyae: "I am feeling you on that."
Brian: "And then we will turn the gibberish into a song or songs."
Sonyae: "That seems like gilding the lily to me personally. A bridge too far. I say if you start with gibberish and stick with gibberish, the anecdotal evidence suggests that you will win every challenge."

Brian, who is looking good this week: "[Gibberish.]"
Sonyae: "...Wait, this is gibberish."

They irritate each other. Everybody irritates everybody.

Nick: "Johnny, what's another word for 'drawing'?"
Johnny: "I hate you."
Nick: "Johnny, do you know anything about Peru?"
Johnny: "There are ruins there."
Nick: "What are ruins?"
Johnny: "Seriously?"
Nick: "Yes, seriously. Do you not know my backstory where I left home at five and have tattoos? Can we not just like posit that I am illiterate?"
ibid.: "Case in point, the word separative. As in, This collaboration is very separative."
Johnny's White Privilege/Rage: "You have handed me the keys to drive this motherfucker into the ground. Check out how fast I become the gross one here."


Jewel and Kara are not there to explain the man, who looks like Russell T Davies which equals instant affection, but he does a good job explaining himself. He runs a thing or something and then later on maybe he can help them? Whatever, he is adorable and probably he has worked with hitmakers because they all have worked with hitmakers and they're hard to tell apart sometimes.


Scotty: "I am basically just going to make this shit up out of my head, because it turns out our songwriting session was no good."
Guy: "I expected as much. If you people had any work ethic at all you wouldn't be counting on this game show to skip levels."

Scotty hooks, Jes hook-harmonizes. Guy loves it. Guy compares them to the Beeb.


Next is Brian and Sonyae. Instead of doing anything, Sonyae tells him a story about how they didn't do anything. Or whatever, I never understand what the fuck she's talking about, but something about how they hit every genre including ska and Tuvan throat singing but forgot to do R&B. He is disappointed, more so than Brian and Sonyae are, because they are oblivious as people.

Then they rewrite the hook in front of the guy, and of course it is fabulous! It is fabulous because it is "Love Me To Life." Dude does not know that, so he just thanks her for being the exact black girl she appeared to be.

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