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Somebody Is Lying & It Is Everybody

Johnny: (Sits back, drinking deep of Nick's outburst, smiling grotesquely. Actually refers to him as a "baby moron of a lesser human." Fucking "lesser human," we're getting out of him. Bad show, Johnny. Ugly business.)

Nick realizes that he is going home. Brian puts on his scarf uniform to deal with this amount of conflict.

Brian: "Johnny would never do that!"
Scotty: "Are you sure that this is what happened?"
Nick: "No, seriously. I know I'm the worst but this is really happening."

Scotty, privately: "No, Nick is right. He's a great collaborator and Johnny hates him. The stink is on here."

Nick: "I am unfit for employment. This is my only shot."

Jes: "Hold my hand and tell me your whiny story. We hate Nick! We love each other."
Johnny: (Luckily, has somehow learned to be a good kisser.)


Keith Naftaly is wearing a vest! Evan "Kidd" Bogart is that dude from before. Johnny cannot wait to fail! He is loving this! It is so fucking dumb.

Team Bieber: "Love You Down" starts with an exhortation to yell "JB!" and fall in love with him. Scotty is all about being Justin right now; the music part is really pretty. I still haven't heard a Justin Bieber song, but if this is what they are like maybe I've been avoiding it for no reason. There is a part about asses that Jewel doesn't love, but the song is so pretty and they are having so very much fun. Scotty is so great. Jes is so fun.

Teamoncé: "Stranger To Love" is a Beyoncé song for sure. This is the best week, these are the best songs. Brian is awesome, Sonyae is awesome, it sounds like the realest song. I think maybe these songs are so good that the rule where the song I like is the failure might not even come into play. Kara grooves so hard on this song that maybe she has a feeling. At the end it becomes all manner of sweet and yearning, and who knows.

Team Fuckface: "All Day Sunrise," which you can see that Johnny is taking seriously because he has put on a Gavin DeGraw knit hat. Everything gross at once in one place. Nick sits it out altogether, because that's how much of a drama queen he is, and Johnny blows it up amazingly, because he's so good at this, but it smells so bad. Nick hates it more than if it were Jackie Tohn singing, even. What a pair of cocks. What a plan to fail. Monstrosity! I hope Kara and Jewel beat them with socks of batteries. Just whale on 'em.

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Platinum Hit




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