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Jewel stares at the other pairs and says the song has no hit potential and did not capture the voice of the person... And it is Nick and Johnny!

Goodness. Imagine for one second that a song Johnny wrote on his own lonesome did not "capture the voice" of Gavin DeGraw. Really sit tight and think about that. And then think about how they both think they are safe because of the fact that Nick had nothing to do with it. As for Jes and Scotty: The "ass" thing is addressed; Kidd doesn't know that Bieber would actually sing it, but they did a good job.

But this either means Nick goes home, like so many others have done and mostly correctly, for opting out...or Johnny goes home for writing the losing song. Precedent says it's the former, but I don't really like either choice. But if Nick throws a fit and Johnny smarms about it, it's going to be twice as gross, because of the Antigone or Starbuck thing where you can be 100% right, but if nobody believes you, you are wrong by being crazy. The system has been gamed before you ever got there.

It's why calling any woman "hysterical" -- even if that's the precise word for what she's being -- is, at most, the nuclear option, because you cannot ignore the context or derivation: The baggage of being rendered voiceless on the critical level that defines the conversation. ("Angry black man" and "angry black woman" are insidious in precisely the same way; it's possible you're thinking gay ones at me right now.)

Not that I'm telling you anything new, but we react so strongly to words that sometimes it's helpful to revisit why they carry what they carry, and in this case you're seeing a perfect illustration for this feeling: There is literally nothing Nick can say right now that won't prove Johnny's point. His wrong, nasty, scum-sucking little point. And the fact is that that's not something that Johnny is ever going to have to feel, the absurd ugliness of that feeling, which is why it's so bad to see happen.

Yes. I am stalling because I don't want to watch this. Nick's fault is youth; Johnny's fault is privilege. And the latter makes me more nervous than anything in the universe, generally speaking, because I don't like implications or accusations that are unanswerable. But also, now that Jackie's gone, they are my favorite ones and I don't want to see them show the ass. It's exhausting, firstly, and more so it hurts my heart because I have very strong feelings for them and I want them to do well and be happy in all areas of life. I don't know how surprising it is to say at this point that they are/were my three favorite ones, but I'm guessing you'd figured that out by now. You only go after the ones you love because they're the only ones you can see.

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