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Previously: Nick's such a douche that it's getting boring. Sonyae made the boys cry, Jackie and Brian became likeable, Amber went home or something, and hipsters made sure we saw them fall in love.

Eight freaks left. Wait, so who went home last week? Amber, dude. You just typed that, like, one second ago. Mystery solved on why, though.

Johnny's gotta be showering in his lonely one-person apartment when the camera crew arrives. At the time they told him they would be arriving. So he would have the option of either wandering around on-camera in a towel, or not.

Melissa, who has become Midwestern: "Oo gash, Jeckie, we gat a letter from Juuuuul!"
Jackie: Awkwardly hugs Melissa for some reason.

Jes: "I hope we get to write a love song! Because I am in love! Did you catch me saying that? Do you need another angle?"
Johnny: "This is perfect for me, because writing a song about love proves how in love I am. I will call it 'Your Body Is Like Disneyland.' There will be strumming."

Nick: "I am in love too, I'm in love with hate. No, you know what, I don't even love hate. Hate is stupid. I am a hate hater."

Heading out, Nick thanks Brian for holding the door open even though he is a white person? Or something. Some stupid Nick thing. Brian laughs awkwardly and wonders if having a friend is worth it.


Oh man, I love him so much. Everybody's dying that he's there. Jes is so excited to meet him that she shoots a personality out of her left nostril. Sonyae is unamused by everything, at all times, that Jes does. As expected, the LA Arboretum will be inspiring them to write Love Hooks.

Jewel: "Go forth... And love."

For thirty minutes. Everybody runs off with acoustics and synths and shit gets embarrassing.

Scotty: "My hook is about how stupid you feel when you say 'I love you' and they don't say it back or they take a second to say it back."

Johnny & Jes: "We stared at each other instead of writing our hooks, because we are idiots."
Johnny: "It's just so inspiring because it's so very real."
Jes: "I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I shouldn't be dating a random. And then also this is a reality game show and not real life, so I'm going to look foolish no matter what I do at this point."
Johnny: "I already do, so I'm good. Did you catch me playing the guitar for her, but mostly for you, at that gazebo? Did you get a good angle on that?"

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