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The Songs Of Love & Special Things

Oh damn and then she cuts Nevin. That sucks! He was so amazingly oblivious and dumb! And untalented! He was the best! Halfhearted hugs from a bunch of strangers, and then Nevin mourns for the world for not having access to the songs inside of him, and that's Nevin all over the place. That bites.

Jackie's being pretty great, turns out Nick is a generous collaborator, Sonyae and Melissa might be talented, and they just got rid of the Leader of Men? The trainwreck potential is leaking out the bottom and leaving us with what. Reincarnation Of Elvis's crazy eyes and an army of vague girls with bangs.

This season: Sonyae sings songs, somebody raps, and Johnny wears pink pants and kisses one of the girls with bangs, exactly like I said would happen. Gay.

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