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Nick picks Karen, who hates being on the punk team, and then privately informs us that Jes and Karen are both ungrateful bitches if they don't understand that he is the best person on the entire show. I'm glad he has that mohawk so you know right away.

Really, it's just because The Power Of The Sunsets Melissa and Leader Of Men Nevin are the only ones left. Between the three of them, you also would pick Old Biscuits. Literal biscuits would be easier to write a song with than those two.

Scotty picks Nevin, which is everybody else's problem according to Nevin. He said some poetic shit but I accidentally erased my notes and it's not important to really reproduce because everything he says is total gold. There's not like downtime with Nevin.

Last-pick Melissa apologizes to Jackie & Johnny for being alive, and everybody goes to their practice rooms.


Screams and screams and Blessing eats some chips and then Amber and Blessing help her with the lyrics a little bit, and Sonyae and Blessing have this weird psychic connection. Amber makes the mistake of opening her face, which pisses Sonyae off. Other people having thoughts seems to really be a trigger for her. Or maybe it's shit like:

Amber: "Sonyae's LA is not my LA."

Which sounds just terrible until she clarifies that it is also not Blessing's LA, and her problem isn't the song or Sonyae, it's that they will both look like fakers if they try to get in on her whole screaming thing. Obviously you should just do those wordless En Vogue la-la-la harmonies and play the keyboards and not worry about it, but what do I know? That would be my answer to 99% of these people's problems.

Instead, they decide to take no part in any of it and just set something up for her so she can go for it. I mean, the fact that the judges chose her hook out of the twelve hooks, that's bewildering and I guess you could just lose track of what's going on and say, "I admit that I no longer understand what they want or why I am here."


While Jackie and Johnny get their folksy minds around each other, Melissa plays with a keyboard and her hair and the concept of things and like the power of the ocean and kicks her feet up in the air and poor Jackie's finally like, "Hey Melissa? Let's not fuck with the keyboards right now?" Melissa's response is amazing, because basically she just says "I just feel like it" and then wanders the fuck out of the room.

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