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You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Things become uncomfortably post-racial.

Then, after laughing at Jackie for this, Brian and Johnny choose Reggae as their genre. No connection is made. None. And the reason is that they're white and they don't have to.

Then Nick and Jes choose Pop for their song, because Nick sucks butts and Jes has no accountability for herself whatsoever.


Scotty punches Jackie in the nose immediately, because they are flailing. Jes sings her boring roof song to Nick some more, and admits that it's not "bubble gum," because it's about crawling around on your knees and the importance of renter's insurance.

Nick: "Pop stands for 'popular.' Jes stands for 'boring.' Nick stands for 'penis.'"

Of course, it takes them three seconds to turn her hook into a Sum 41 song. Duh.

Johnny and Brian sing a complete Jack Johnson song or like a Train song or like that song about not wanting to be anything other than what you've been trying to be lately. They seem amazed at how easily this happens, like, the Muses are really smiling on them today.

Brian: "Johnny, like, tell me a story about risking and what about the risks. The obvious title of the song doesn't give me a feel for what is clearly intended to be the most boring song of all time and we've already finished it. I need to go more and harder and go deeper. Deeper into your manhood."
Johnny: "I don't want to answer that question or any question or talk about this. If you look behind the curtain of my gross platitudes you will see that I am lost in the wilderness of authenticity and have no real working concept of how to be."
Brian: "Talk about your feelings and the narrative of your feelings and we can trade dating advice and hug each other and brush each other's hair and hold hands and tell stories about boobies."
Johnny: "I am so uncomfortable right now."
Brian: "But feelings!"
Johnny: "I wish you would stop trying to dig underneath my thin veneer of a personality."
Brian: "Yeah, well, I wish I knew what it was like to have a dad."

Scotty and Jackie and Sonyae discuss about saying it back and when you are waiting to hear it back. Sonyae says, this is actually what she says, "We don't want to do like pop metaphory, we want to just do complete Story Mind." They fight about whatever that is, for a long while. Jackie immediately jumps into her overworking-every-concept thing and then tells them to stop being so black, basically, even though they're not being particularly black at this time. It is once again uncomfortably post-racial in the atmosphere.

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