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Sonyae: "Much as in the previous half of this show's total episodes, I am quite familiar with the genre in which we are writing. Country. I am a country fan. I like everything, but for right now, Country is what I am all about."

And she provides us with a nutty little example of singing a country song, where the person is sitting on their front porch and cooking bacon and eggs and then tries to picture the logistics of that simultaneity. But you know, and I know, that she's probably got like an entire Wikipedia crammed in her head and actually she does know all about Country because Sonyae -- if you have not yet figured it out -- is some kind of savant. Some kind of Westchester teen mutant developed entirely to win this show.

My favorite song by her in real life makes zero sense, although she does talk about the timely topic of her areolas, in addition to the timely topic of retweeting things. And my second-favorite song includes the repeated refrain, Get me pregnant get me pregnant.

The second song is about a girl who would like to be pregnant.

I am still not sure about the first song, but I can confirm that it involves social media in some way, and also nipples.


Jackie: "You know how I get in over my head and spin my wheels like Fred Flintstone for a while because I get so nervous and can't concentrate and millions of brilliant ideas come shooting out of me but nothing really sticks? I'm going to be doing that."
Scotty: "You know how I'm put upon and used to the clutch play?"
Sonyae: "You know how I am straight up crazy?"
Jes: "You know how I have still haven't really done much as far as this game show?"
Nick: "You know how I am the dream collaborator and we'll probably win this?"

My Ridiculous: "Like what if there was an old man and then he was you, but older?"
Johnny: "What."
Brian: "Do you get it, and he has a pair of dice in his hands? And then he throws them in the air so high?"
Johnny: "What is going on right now? What are you even talking about?"
Brian: "Chill, buddy. Transform your energy."
Johnny: "Speaking of risk, why don't you go write a bridge somewhere else and get out of my boxer briefs? Ocupados, usted."

Jackie: (Sings some pretty song.)
Scotty: (Improves it so much that it's no longer Country; starts doing the track which is where he really shines; ignores them completely.)
Jackie & Sonyae: (Cannot handle that Scotty is ignoring them.)

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