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You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Kara: "Also, you changed your hook from being the chorus to being the pre-chorus?"
Pre-Chorus: A word I did not make up.
Nick: "Yeah, because I am a genius."
Kara: "Or a dumb-ass."

Wonderful Keith: "I wish you were more talented, Nick. And more creative. And, you know, not horrible."
Nick: "I wish you were eaten alive by snakes, jerkface!"
Beautiful Keith: "I think you are all talk, maybe."
Nick, who is all talk: (Forging ahead into a new territory of hideously shitty faces. Hates it most of all when people accuse him of true stuff.)
Magnificent Jewel & Keith: "Sonyae and Jackie and Scotty, your song made us barf."
Nick's Frown: (Instantly upside down. Totes mos deftones stoked.)

Jewel: "Scotty and Jackie, you're in trouble deep. Sonyae, be grateful. Jes and Nick, be even more grateful because your song sucked slightly less. Slightly."
Kara, unwisely: "They would throw you out of Nashville for lyrics like this. Also, how dare you have two black people on your team and choose Country?"
Scotty: (Has learned by now; stays quiet.)

Jewel: "Um, moving away from that bullshit landmine, I just want to say that it wasn't even Country. Except for Jackie's stupid fake accent."
Jackie: "It wasn't like a hoedown, I just... Twanged it."
Jewel & Kara: "You overtwanged."

Jackie: (Tosses Scotty under the bus, but he agrees that he was more interested in the track than the lyrics.)
Kara & Jewel: (So much with the lyrics.)
Jackie: "Yeah. I told them some of the lyrics were too black."
White Judges, nodding: "Way too black."

I hate this! I feel like I am freaking out. Am I crazy? This is bad, right? Weird?

So they fight about how helped the most, and Jackie and Scotty fight over who contributed the most to the loser song, and then they go meta and fight about that, and then I think they fight about that. About the fight about the fight about the song. I confess that I got lost on this part -- because it was Inception of bitching, but also because of my white privilege making me feel unbelievably uncomfortable -- but I guess I've captured the gist.


Jackie and Scotty continue to hash, to rehash, to make everybody uncomfortable, to take all the eyes off Nick and Sonyae for once.

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Platinum Hit




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