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Kara: "Who wrote the lyric I was put here for a reason and I want the world to see it?"
Karen: Obviously.
Kara: "That's easily the most beautiful part of the melody and the dumbest part of the lyric."
Karen: "You told me to write the truth and I guess what I heard was 'The clichés that make up most of my mind,' so, sorry about that."
Kara: "Well, but truth can be interesting and new and things we never said before."
Jackie: "Well, yeah. Karen wrote fifty pages of lyrics and we couldn't use any of it. She's kind of childish. Not to say stupid. But well, that too."

Nick plays the riff from the beginning of the song again, and Kara nods because it's beautiful, filigreed like a "Maggie Mae" kind of thing, but the problem is that the song doesn't continue that motif. Jewel agrees that they should have kept that part of the song going, but nobody really takes responsibility for that.

Next problem: "I don't believe in losing sleep/ Kinda wish I woulda."
Kara: "The first line: Atrocious."
Jewel: This gum-smacking nasty hilarious face about it.
Jackie: "Oh, that was all me."
Jewel: "Fuck does it even mean?"
Jackie: "Like, that I don't believe in losing sleep? Over spilt milk, like wishing I would have done anything else. You know what I mean?"
Judges: "We are puzzled. Your opening line shouldn't be confusing."

A&R loved the bridge, including Sonyae's clichéd line about how the only compass that she's got is the beating of her heart. What they think is cliché versus what they don't, it's sometimes bewildering. Jackie loses it backstage while they deliberate, once again, and at least feels silly about it. Pulling for ya, girl. Stop crying.

They bring them back out, having pretty much ruled each of them safe throughout, but apparently not all to the same degree. Nick is safe, of course. Sonyae, for writing the best lyric, is safe. So now it's Jackie and Karen, two of the best ones. I hate reality TV. There's nothing wrong with it, this process, but it's a killer to watch this happen.

Jewel blames them both, but I'd imagine Karen's refusal to use her brain after three weeks of polite requests might do it. But before we get there, let's have another breakdown from Jackie, who cries about how they liked so many parts of the song but yet they were in third place. Jackie sometimes I think she forgets how this shit works. On the other hand, Jewel totally gets to drop the word "onus" in casual conversation, which is a nice feeling.

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