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Jes picks Amber, so they can finally become one person. Just kidding, everybody is now a distinct person. Jackie picks Karen, because they make sense as a team especially on a road trip song, and because Karen is easy to control because she's sort of a dolt. Jes picks crazy Melissa because she liked her hook, because they're the two most like space cadets even if the margin of spaciness between the two of them renders the comparison unrealistic. And that leads to Sonyae and Nick being the last to be picked, because they are the worst as human beings. Then #3 Jackie does something so amazing.

Jackie: "I'm not sure what to do. Because I really like Nick, but he doesn't like me."

Even Nick is like, Good one, because he recognizes class-A group manipulation when he sees it, but it gets even better because now #2 Jes has the option of keeping her team the way it is (Amber-Melissa-Jes), or taking on Nick as the odd one out, and she leaves it. So now he's been not just passed over three times, but super passed over three times, which on the one hand feels like heaven but on the other hand only feeds the monster that squats inside him. Plus, bottom line, Jackie has to take both Sonyae and Nick on her team with Karen. I wish they would win, but that's a mix of folks I'm not clear about how it will work.


Karen brings up this whole idea about how she has wonderful things inside her that the world and road will see or whatever, and Sonyae points out that it is clich├ęd, and Jackie tries to stay with her idea of making a song about going for your dreams and being awesome and not pussyfooting around. They concede.

Johnny-Scotty-Brian put on their sunglasses and dude out and Scotty asks what the song is about, and Johnny is like, "This song is about how I want everything handed to me, especially art, because I'm still young enough to think that sometimes things ever work that way." Scotty wonders if maybe we can streamline this concept in the song, and Brian feels left out, just like every day of his life.

Jes-Melissa-Amber think about her high-range inability to find her place in the world that doesn't involve being a backup singer, which is her main job right now. They talk about how this is also why Melissa's sad hook was so good about how if she doesn't leave town and stop stagnating, she will die. Amber loves that too, and they have a whole meeting of the minds. Jes starts crying once she incorporates the Melissa concept of losing yourself entirely if you don't leave town, so that's probably good.

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