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Human Nature

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Human Nature
Boy, it sure took Father David a long time to make it here from two towns over, especially if he was driving tire-squealingly fast all the way. But he's here now, and he's ready to warn Ben. He has to find him first. This scene gets dragged out ridiculously as Father David keeps calling and calling out to Doc Kramer. He even goes below deck to look. Come on, Dave, it's not that big a boat. While he searches ineffectively for the doctor, we see the rope tethering the boat to the dock come loose. The boat moves away from the dock as some of the Christmas lights decorating the rails decide to swoop Father David up by his foot. I love it when shows use normally inanimate objects in stupid ways like this.

I can't say the crowd looks overly thrilled by the boat parade, and that just makes me snicker. Things pick up a little, though, when the Kramers' boat emerges from behind the dock and it's in flames. Christina even sees the priest hanging from the mast amidst the flames. She asks, "Did you see that?" but apparently she's the only one who did, since Judy answers, "Yeah, our boat on fire is kind of hard to miss." Christina starts to explain but then stops herself, perhaps thinking that she's the only one having this vision. As Judy moves away, Melrose Jake moves in closer and says, "Now, that's the most authentic piece of Point Pleasant history I've seen all day." I have no idea what that means, but Jake said it, so it's cool.

Christina moves closer to the water and sees a few sheets of paper floating by the shore. She picks up one that demonstrates the Biohazard symbol being broken down into its basic components. That would be three sixes. Christina stares up in horror as so many things become clear: Harland trying to strangle her, Jesse's car blowing up, the swarm of bad CGI bugs.

Now good luck trying to explain it all to Jesse.

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