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Human Nature

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Human Nature
Obviously the devil and his friends have really good design sense, as evidenced by the swankiness of what I assume is Christina's home. Right now Melrose Jake is trying to reassure Christina's surrogate father that the beach is the place for her. He insists that she will learn to embrace her power, "especially after she spends some time in Point Pleasant." When FauxDaddy expresses his disbelief, Jake says, "Do you know how many ancient signs and texts name that sleepy town as the home of the greatest coming of evil since the angels fell from heaven?" Um, zero? Yeah, that's what I thought. ["There's a Camden joke here, but why bother, really." -- Sars] But Melrose Jake is trying so hard to work with this dreadful dialogue that I have to admire him. And I'll play along, even when he says he grandly promises to "unleash [Christina] on the rest of the world." FauxDaddy wonders what will happen if Christina finds her mother and "faith." Melrose Jake announces that he will go down to Point Pleasant and keep an eye on Devil Daughter so that doesn't happen.

Judy is trying to sell Christina on the Heritage Week festivities, even as she gently makes fun of them. She takes off and leaves Christina to stow a picnic basket full of sandwiches in the trunk of the car. When Christina turns around, there's Duke again, and he's barking up a storm. Christina shouts at him, and we see some satanic slash marks mysteriously appear on his side. Whoa, Christina, chill a little. Maybe he just wanted a sandwich. She turns around as Melrose Jake says, "It's always the quiet towns -- it's where the gruesome things happen." That is true, Jake, although, in all fairness, I must point out that's generally only the case in hackneyed horror movie rip-offs like this one.

Down by the water, the Heritage Week festivities are just getting underway. Can you practically taste the excitement? Oh, yeah, me too. Amber drops by the Kramers' picnic table to find out what their boat decorating theme will be. When Dr. Ben tells her it's a secret, Amber replies, "Well, you haven't been too good at keeping secrets lately. I'll make you talk." As Amber sidles off, Meg asks Ben what she meant by that comment. We know that Amber's referring to all the flirty chat from her last doctor's visit. I can understand why Ben doesn't want to share that with his wife, but I have to inform him that just sputtering and shaking his head and refusing to look at his wife is not going to make her any less suspicious about things.

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