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At the Kramer household, Meg has cleared out at least part of Isabelle's room for Christina to stay in. The girl tries to act all noble and say that she has to move on, but they manage to talk her into staying -- and without a whole lot of effort, I might add.

As various buff teens gaze longingly at each other on the beach, we flash back to the conversation between Melrose Jake and Christina's surrogate father. This time we hear the rest of it, including Jake arguing that Christina should be allowed to experience the world on her own now. He says, "Let the world have its way with her. Once it does, I guarantee you, she will bring it to its knees." You know, I never cared for him on Melrose, but here he's doing a decent job, or at least as good a job as anyone can do with smarmy dialogue like that.

The episode closes on a shot of Christina in the water again. This time she's not passed out, and she doesn't look so innocent anymore. All I can say is she better go ahead and get evil pretty soon. Unless the writing and acting improve, and quick, I'll be surprised if FOX lets this train wreck see May sweeps.

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Point Pleasant




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