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Back at the beach, people are rushing frantically to their cars to escape the storm. Jesse, however, insists he sees "something" floating offshore, so he rushes into the water to retrieve it. That "something" turns out to be Christina, the infamous spawn of Satan. Oh, come on -- don't be mad because I told you that so soon. It's not like the show itself is going to hold back on spelling everything out as early as possible. It's almost like it realizes FOX will be canceling it soon. I know! Eerie, isn't it?

Jesse brings Christina back to shore and starts giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Or we could call it "the kiss of life" and then dissect the symbolism and foreshadowing, all Religious Studies 101 style. Whatever you choose to call it, it works astonishingly quickly to revive Christina, whom Jesse carries off while asking Ribcage to drive Paula home.

At the Kramer household, Doc Kramer is listening to the radio. He learns that due to the storm in Point Pleasant, power has been knocked out all along the coast. Wow, I had no idea Point Pleasant supplied all the power for the east coast. I almost feel like I'm watching something educational, like the National Geographic channel. Jesse brings an unconscious Christina into the house, claiming the roads were too bad for him to get her to the hospital. Dr. Ben asks Meg, his wife, to get his medical bag while he starts poking at Christina's eyelids. He sends Jesse back out into the night, telling him to bring his father, a request which makes more sense later when we learn that Jesse's dad is a police officer. You mean he's not a humble carpenter? Please tell me that at least his name is Joseph, or I'm going to suspect the writers just aren't trying very hard. As Jesse drives off into the storm, Marti bludgeons us with some more of that good old-time religious imagery as the camera settles in for a three-hour-long shot of the cross Jesse has hanging off his rearview mirror.

There is an establishing shot of the Kramer house -- which is kind of weird because that's where we just were anyway. I guess it's night now, though, and, through a cute little porthole-shaped window, we see Christina sleeping in a bed. Downstairs, Meg stares at a framed photo of a pretty dark-haired girl in a bikini. I'll save you some speculation right off the bat and tell you that this is Judy's sister who died in a surfing accident three years ago. The power is still out, which provides a handy excuse to keep the atmosphere spooky with the addition of about a gazillion candles.

Judy wanders by and furtively picks up Christina's knapsack, which -- surprise! -- looks like it's totally dry. That's some pretty awesome knapsack fabric there, but I'm guessing Satan won't settle for anything but the best. In fact, here at the Kramer household there are three elegant burgundy candles artfully arranged next to his daughter's bed while she sleeps. I find it's the little touches that really make a room, don't you? As Judy rifles through Christina's stuff, the candles blow out one by one. My, how ominous. Judy picks up a pretty box that has what looks like religious-themed decoupage work on the cover. As she starts to open it, Christina's eyes suddenly open wide. At the same time, the power comes back on in the house. We cut to an exterior shot of the house and the coastline beyond it to see that the power is coming back on elsewhere as well. I think the implication here is that Christina's abilities are so astounding that she is capable of controlling the power grid. While it seems we're supposed to be awed and astonished by this fact, I can't help but snicker a little. Okay, a lot.

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Point Pleasant




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