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Ribcage and Paula pull up in front of her giant monster home. Boy, it sure has taken them a long time to get there. Maybe Ribcage really is incredibly stupid and just got lost a number of times. He mocks Paula for being mad at Jesse for rescuing a pretty girl. Paula mocks him back for being too big a wuss to go into the water to help with the rescue. I'd like Paula a lot more right now if I didn't already know that this is just a brief and uncharacteristic moment of excellent snarkiness on her part. She threatens to tell Jesse that his best friend keeps coming on to her, which causes the actor who plays Ribcage to really work at his craft as he does his damnedest to look worried. He almost pulls it off, too.

Hey, look -- Christina's out of bed! And she wants a cup of tea. Yeah, that's the first thing I'd ask for if I woke up in a strange house with people I'd never seen before in my life. I'd probably also ask for a comb, but Christina doesn't need one as her hair, obviously aided by some heavy-duty supernatural intervention, has retained its smoothness and style throughout her ordeal.

After an establishing shot of New York City, we see some old guy in a park, and he's talking to Grant Show from Melrose Place. Jake! Honey, I hope, for your sake, that you and Marcia Cross don't have any money riding on whose new show is going to last longer. Jake is playing Satan's right-hand man here, and the old guy is named Kingston. He raised Christina while her real dad was busy inspiring organizations like Focus on the Family and convincing people that leg warmers are a valid fashion choice. Kingston wants to shield Christina from the world a little longer, but Jake says she's ready to go out on her own and start influencing people's moods with her presence alone, which is, apparently, one of her special powers. It is in this scene where we are explicitly told about Christina's half-human, half-Satanic ancestry. Kingston insists that "that means she has a choice" regarding good and evil. So I guess that's the central premise of the show, then. Well, for the handful of episodes we'll actually see before it gets cancelled. By the way, I'll bet Satan was mad as hell when little Chrissy's mother named her.

Back in Point Pleasant, Jesse's father is interrogating Christina. Well, maybe "interrogating" is a strong word, since he's just trying to find out who she is and where her parents are, but Christina is awfully nervous discussing this. Meg takes pity on her and sends her off to bed.

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Point Pleasant




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