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The next morning, Meg compliments Judy on her hair, which Christina convinced her to take out of pigtails and wear down for a change. Meg thinks Judy should wear her hair like that all the time. Like I'm sure that would feel so lovely in the heat and humidity of the Jersey shore. Meg also tries to encourage Judy to attend the beach party. Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but do you think the dead Kramer daughter was a popular, well-adjusted girl? I'm guessing she sure didn't have that diva attitude that Judy is always displaying every time she opens her mouth. You know? The attitude? The diva one? Oh, never mind.

Dr. Ben comes into the kitchen with his doctor's bag to examine Christina. Judy suggests that the girl stay with them for a while, in her dead sister's room. Meg looks a little uncomfortable with that, but I'm sure she'll come around. At least dead sister finally has a name: Isabelle. As Dr. Ben shines a light into Christina's eyes he notes that she has a "flaw" on one eyeball. She says her father claims it's a birthmark. Well, it's not like any birthmark Dr. Ben has ever seen before. Upstairs, Christina examines the mark in a magnifying mirror. It's supposed to be three overlapping sixes joined together at the round part, and it's supposed to symbolize pure evil, but when I look at it, all I really see is that if you took a copy of what's there and turned it over and laid it on top of the original, you'd have something that's almost a dead ringer for the universal Biohazard Symbol. Ooh, scary.

Christina phones home to talk to Harland, who is some faithful family servant she feels close to. When he answers the phone "Nickson residence," my eyes roll so far back in my head that I almost fall off my chair. These show creators aren't even going to try to be subtle, are they? And I'm probably not going to bother cataloguing every super-obvious reference for you. After all, unlike the show, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. Christina doesn't want to talk to her father, and she doesn't even want Harland to let on that he's spoken to her because she feels she can't leave the Point Pleasant area until she finds her mother. Maybe her mom can explain Christina's aforementioned life suckitude, or at least give hints as to why the girl always feels like something is "missing." Harland looks frightened.

Despite her stated distaste for small-town gossip, Judy wastes no time getting all up in Christina's business. She grills her on her family life and finds out that Christina and her "father" argue a lot and that he wanted to send her away for the summer. Um, I hesitate to ask where, and Christina doesn't tell us. ["Seaside Heights?" -- dig Sars with the Jersey humor] She does, however, share her desire to find her mother and mentions the picture of the church in Ocean Grove. Judy excitedly mentions that Ocean Grove is only "two towns away." Wow, what are the odds? I'm so incredibly floored by the coincidence of Christina ending up in this town. Yep. Astounded -- that's me. Dr. Ben comes in and mentions that he's spoken to Harland, who gave Christina the go-ahead to stay in Point Pleasant for a few days.

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