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Who's Your Daddy?
Fortunately for us, Sarah has taken Melrose Jake's suggestion to heart and is spicing up the tour with lesser-known stories about Point Pleasant, like the one about the town's early settler with syphilis who went crazy and killed eighteen of the townspeople in their sleep. Oops! Sarah lamely tries to cover up by telling the group that this is not normally part of the tour, but she just thought they "should know." A bitchy woman replies, "Well, we shouldn't," and her son asks, "What's syphilis?" Hey, I would love to be on a tour like this one! It would be even better than the one on Mt. Rainier, where our tour guide made fun of animals in a way that had my sister and me doubled over with laughter while everyone else was looking disturbed. The best part was when he said, "And over to our right, folks, we have a wild turkey. As you can see, the lights are on, but there's nobody home. It's amazing that a creature this stupid has managed to survive for so many centuries." I was really hoping Jesse would show up in the next scene so I could do an elegant little segue here, but no such luck.

Then again, Jesse hasn't been very stupid in episode yet, and we're already up to the quarter mark (and FINALLY -- the opening credits!). Of course, Jesse hasn't actually been in the show yet, except at the very beginning, in Christina's dream -- the one in which he stabs her. And if you're trying to kill someone who's already gone all apocalyptic on your hometown, you should probably be commended.

No, instead we get Christina leaving another message for her (surrogate) father on his answering machine. I think Elisabeth Harnois does a fine job with this scene, in which she begs FauxDaddy to call her while also telling him off at the same time. She's really just scared, though. James Morrison as FauxDaddy does a nice job too, even though all he has to do is sit there and look upset while listening to the message Christina is leaving. But he really rocks that distress! Hey, what do I know about acting anyway?

Amber and Paula are having a heart-warming mother-daughter brunch. Sniff! Paula is a little skeptical about Amber's story about how she ended up with the bruise on her cheek. Can't say I blame the girl. Amber informs us that she is planning to contact Sheriff Logan when she gets back to the office.

Christina finally notices that there is a message light blinking on the Kramers' answering machine. Why she didn't clue in to that two scenes ago is a mystery, but I'll be charitable and put it down to her being upset about FauxDaddy. After asking Judy if it's all right, Christina listens to the message, which turns out to be the one Father David left right before he died -- the message about Ben and family being in danger. Christina is panic-stricken as she erases it, then lies to Judy that Father Dumb-ass left a message telling her he found out some information on her mother. Judy offers to drive her to the church, but Christina just walks out the door without saying a word. I assume that means no to the ride offer.

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