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Who's Your Daddy?

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Who's Your Daddy?
A commercial break allows the EMTs time to put Judy on stretcher. The guy who hit her is, thus far, uninjured. That's about to change, though, as Christina realizes who he is. Get ready, Other Driver, for Christina is going to unleash her awesome evil powers on your sorry, sorry ass. And for her first move, will she make you keel over? Wrack your body with horrible pains? Or will she, you know, give you a tiny little nosebleed that probably doesn't even hurt at all? Yeah, it's the nosebleed one, sad to say. Melrose Jake looks like he's pleased with her, though. Or maybe that smirk is because he thinks this scene is just as stupid as I do.

Sarah is leading her tour toward the famous lighthouse that the real Point Pleasant doesn't even have. She talks about the lighthouse being a beacon of hope, or something. Then she realizes how boring that sounds and gives up. And "as far as the town goes, well, its history seems to be a laundry list of disaster, cruelty, madness, and betrayal." The proprietor of the lighthouse interrupts, inviting the guests to "come inside for some sugar cookies and enjoy our gift shop." I just hope they have shirts that say, "My ancestors got killed by some guy with syphilis, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." And it would be nice if you could also buy one of those baseball caps with fake bird crap on them that say "Shithead."

I'm not sure why Logan is waiting there for his wife. Maybe he's stalking her? Or maybe he wants to have a fun chat about how he saw her with Melrose Jake earlier downtown. Sarah is pissed, and rightfully so, as she yells at him. We learn that she lost her virginity to someone other than him and that he's still trying to make her feel guilty about it. Hey, here's a news flash. Most women don't find that kind of obsessive behavior flattering; we find it creepy. Evidently Sarah is in the creeped-out camp because she threatens that Logan will lose both her and Jesse if he doesn't get a grip.

Over at the hospital, Judy is whining about how bad she feels and how she wants some drugs. It's pretty funny. Then her parents have to show up and ruin the scene with their overprotectiveness. Judy's doctor pulls Ben aside, physician to physician, to tell him that Judy has some inflammation around her brain and may require cranial surgery. Ben is extremely worried about how Meg will handle this. Since Meg has not given me any reason at all to care about her, let's just say I'm a lot more cavalier in my attitude toward her and her well-being.

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