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Who's Your Daddy?

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Who's Your Daddy?
Father Dumb-ass leafs through Father David's Bible and reads aloud a passage that says, "An innocent will come here to serve the beast." Then a drop of pinkish water falls onto the page and arranges itself into three sixes. It's not even the Biohazard symbol, just three garden variety sixes sitting in a row. Father Dumb-ass gasps and closes the Bible. I'd expect him to look around a bit to see where that water came from, but no dice. Instead, he stands up and pulls a dagger out of the desk.

Hey, he's just in time for the arrival of everyone's favorite hell child! Christina says she thinks she knows what the Biohazard symbol means and that Father David is dead. She knows she didn't kill him, though, because for her to hurt somebody, she has to really want to do so, and she didn't even know Father David. She also tells him about Melrose Jake and asks him to pray with her so that they can figure out what to do next. As she starts to say the Lord's Prayer, Father Dumb-ass does his best to pull an Exorcist moment by rolling his eyes far back into his head and hissing, "Get out!" You know, I don't have some fancy degree in filmmaking. Still, correct me if I'm wrong, but if your intended effect is to inspire fear and, instead, you inspire heaps of laughter, that's probably not very good for your TV show, is it?

The best part of this episode is probably where we cut to a shot of flames and it took me a moment or two to realize we'd gone to a Burger King commercial. I can't help but wonder why the Burger King people would want to associate their burgers with hellfire, which was the first thing I thought of here.

Guess who's waiting for Christina outside the church? It's FauxDaddy! Christina gets into his big-ass limo.

Ben and Meg are in a hospital waiting room. Meg holds up a bunch of entertainment magazines and rattles off the title, claiming, "This is Judy's kind of waiting room." Yes, it's true. I regret to inform you that that was another attempt at a joke. No, I'm sure it was. What did I tell you about arguing with a veteran recapper? Hey, I was already recapping 7th Heaven while some of these "teen" actors were still in high school -- or at least just a few short years after they graduated.

Ben and Meg are sharing a bonding moment when Amber sashays in with a big bouquet of flowers she gives to Meg. Everybody is nervous as hell, even Amber, as she tells a half-assed story about getting her black eye from the garage door and apologizes for being "a crappy friend." Ben and Meg don't look like they're quite buying Amber's reformation.

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