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Who's Your Daddy?

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Who's Your Daddy?
After another round of the Burger King hellfire ad, Christina realizes that she may be going too far. She runs after Ben, shouting his name. Dr. Kramer is a little too busy being possessed right now to pay attention to you, okay, Christina? He finds Other Driver pounding shots at a bar by the lighthouse, and tries to pummel him with the tire iron, but Dr. Ben has really, really bad aim. Christina keeps crying and begging him to stop, but to no avail. Finally, the lighthouse intervenes by bathing this scene with its healing glow. No, really. I know that sounds too cheeseball even for a FOX show, but I swear that's what happens. At least it's somewhat redeemed by Christina's cool description of how Ben must be feeling: "free," with "no fear, no love." She adds, "It's called evil, and you have to give it back to me." Evidently, the lighthouse agrees, as it shuts off its magical beam. Ben emerges from the experience with no memory of it and must rely on Christina to lead him back to the hospital. As they pass Other Driver, Christina says, "Stay away from them." I have the weird feeling that's the last we'll see of Other Driver.

Back at the hospital, Judy is being released. Ben sits on the bed next to her and hugs her, while Christina looks on sadly.

Chez Hargrove, Amber gazes at her reflection in the mirror and fingers a scarf while purring, "Why, thank you, Ben. I think it is my color." I sincerely hope Dina Meyer is having fun with this role. We need to see more fun scenes like this.

Father Dumb-ass drops by to give Christina a little pep talk. He starts off with the bad news first, confirming that she is indeed Satan's daughter. Also, he's supposed to set up a "protocol" to destroy her. However, on the plus side, he did feel a lot of God's love, much of which was emanating from her. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think the rest of it was probably coming from the lighthouse. He does convince her to stick around, insisting that the final battle between good and evil will be fought here, in Point Pleasant.

Christina pays a visit to Melrose Jake and issues the warning that she will not let him destroy the town and its people. Jake finds her seriousness "cute." I would never take that from anyone, not even someone as hot as Jake, but it still makes me laugh here. And Christina's reply is equally entertaining: "Cute? You won't think so when you really get to know me."

Christina, I would never think of patronizing you. You're one of the few people on this show I'm laughing with and not at.

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