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Back to the present. Bud is keeping vigil at T.J.'s bedside, holding his son's hand. He talks about his feelings of insecurity in his early days in the White House. He was miserable, unable to accomplish his political goals. He was pacing the halls one night when he heard eight-year-old T.J. playing piano in the East Room. He says it brought him peace. "I don't know why I never told you that," he says. He kisses the back of T.J.'s hand and holds it to his cheek.

Oval Office. Garcetti and Elaine get ready for his televised address. "History will judge me by this," he says. "If this goes south, my entire presidency just... melts away." "If it goes well, you'll be a hero," she assures him. "And you'll be unbeatable," she adds, not without humor. It turns out he had asked her to be his running mate, but she turned him down because he wouldn't have won. When he finally gets to make his speech, he tells the American people that the Chinese crew has been given orders to destroy their own ship. "The released radiation would wreak havoc upon the entire western seaboard. Let me clear -- we would consider it nothing less than an act of war against the United States." Elaine watches him with respect. This whole show is actually a fairy tale, right?

Nana and Anne continue their Extreme Makeover: Addicts Edition. Nana's second husband was, as she puts it, "boring as shit." They talk about settling and settling down and love that is still love even if it's not head-over-heels. They finally find T.J.'s stash hidden in a chair cushion.

Doug is sort of charmed by how much Susan loves her meal. It reminds him of how much Anne used to love food before she had to worry about fitting into her wedding dress. At this rate, she could wear a tube sock for her wedding dress. Susan tries to get him to talk more about his relationship, but he shuts down. "It must be tough to be a journalist sometimes. Acting like you're someone's friend one minute and the next you've got them over a barrel." They fight and it quickly turns into an argument about Elaine and how Doug feels like Susan is taking advantage of her after spending so many years tearing her down. The flight attendant interrupts with a bottle of wine, which they eagerly accept.

Nana and Anne flush most of T.J.'s stash, but decide to save the marijuana for themselves. Well, Anne needs a little convincing. Nana talks about her showgirl days, experimenting with reefer and sex. For a minute, it seemed like this might go in a May-December kind of direction, but it's just Nana's way of telling Anne she needs a break from perfection once in a while.

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