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Anne & Nana: Up in Smoke: Anne's suddenly feeling a lot less inhibited. She eats handfuls of chips and complains that when it comes to Doug, she'll always come in second behind his mother. Nana tells her to stand up for herself.

Bud drops in on the Oval Office under the guise of "having intel." Garcetti and Collier assume it's something to do with the Chinese sub. Bud tells Garcetti that Collier not only blackmailed Sean over his affair with T.J., but used Garcetti's name to force Elaine's hand. Bud assumes that Garcetti wasn't actually involved because even though he thinks the man is "slick, uncommitted and lacking in backbone," he also thinks Garcetti has principles. These things seem contradictory, but whatever. Indeed, the news comes as a surprise to Garcetti. Fred tries to deflect blame. "He's just pissed because his queer son was having an affair with Reeves!" Bud calmly punches him in the face. Fred grabs him and shoves him down onto Garcetti's desk. Garcetti breaks it up before things can escalate into a Taiwanese legislative session. "You harm my family again," Bud says, "and I swear to every lovin' god I will wipe your existence from the face of this earth." Bud is much more enjoyable when he's brawling than when he's doling out all the "shugah."

Tarmac. Doug admits he proposed to Anne while they were on Ecstasy. "And we've been planning our wedding for two years because I'm not sure either one of us is ready to commit." Susan asks him if he loves Anne, and he says he does, but he likens it to wearing a beautiful suit that doesn't quite fit. Susan says love hasn't fit quite right for her, either. "I was always certain about my job -- maybe too certain -- but not with love." Ugh. She talks about life passing her by while she was making a career for herself. Ugh, again. Why is it that, more often than not, if you have a successful, powerful woman on a TV show, she has to be burdened with romantic insecurity? Doug flatters her and then leans in to kiss her. Does she have the sense to realize what a terrible idea this is or what a hypocrite it makes her? Does Doug realize the same for himself? No, they do not. They give in to the wine and the hormones and the self-pity and tear each other's clothes off.

T.J. wakes up, sees his mom beside him and smiles. Then he realizes where he is and starts apologizing. He says he didn't mean to hurt himself. She smooths his brow and tells him to go back to sleep. Easy week for Sebastian Stan on having to learn his lines. Bud takes over so that Elaine can get back to the Situation Room.

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