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Back on the tarmac, Susan and Doug bask in the afterglow. Except it's not so much basking as looking sad. She reaches for his hand, which he touches only briefly before leaving her side.

Anne and Nana are still giggling and downing snack foods when Anne suddenly heads for the bathroom. "Don't do it, honey," Nana says. "Don't do it to yourself anymore." Anne plays innocent, but Nana knows about her binging and purging. "You don't have to come clean to me, but you gotta talk to Dougie about it." Anne looks sad, but probably not as sad as when she finds out Doug has something to confess to her, too.

Situation Room. Collier is trying to watch the screen from behind an ice pack. Heh. We pick up where we started at the beginning of the episode with the rescue in progress. Everyone holds their collective breath. One of the rescuers reports: "We're getting a pulse message from the sub, but it makes no sense. X-I-E, X-I-E." Everyone in the Situation Room is annoyingly puzzled, except for Elaine. "It means xie xie," she says. "Thank you." Everyone applauds and cheers and shakes hands. Garcetti smiles at Elaine, and she smiles back, even though she knows she'll never beat him now. Or maybe, given everything that's happened in her family lately, she sees such a thing as a blessing.

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