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Panic at the Disco

Crisis time! Elaine, the President and assorted military men meet in the Situation Room. A Chinese nuclear sub has bottomed out just off the coast of San Diego, probably in the course of spying on the U.S. Wow, Elaine's blouse is showing a lot of boob. She sums up the situation: "So, a hundred men are trapped in a sub at the bottom of the ocean, getting slowly cooked by nuclear radiation?" Vice President Collier says something snarky about Elaine's return and she openly rolls her eyes at him. The Chinese are too far away to receive the distress signal. Elaine wants to tell them, but Collier scoffs. Garcetti sides with Elaine, but advises caution: "You'll be telling them we know they were spying." Yes, I think as the nation's top diplomat she would know that, but thanks.

Elaine's townhouse. A bleary-eyed Nana wakes up to find the cute stubbly guy from T.J.'s meeting sitting in the kitchen. "I'm Gunner Cox," he introduces himself. Porniest name ever! He explains, "I'm T.J.'s sober partner -- keep him on the straight and narrow." "In my day we'd call you a party pooper," she grumps. The family does want T.J. to be sober, right? Elaine comes in and says it's very reassuring to have Gunner around. T.J. joins them and goes over the plans for the club's opening night. Everyone's going to meet up and then to the red carpet thing together. He's super happy about the whole thing, which just makes Elaine suspicious.

She has a flashback to December. Collier pulls her aside for a private meeting about the Child Protection Act. "Look, we're gonna get the votes. Just not the way we wanted." He tells Elaine with gossipy glee that they're going to blackmail Sean Reeves into voting their way by threatening to expose his big secret gay love affair. Elaine is disgusted. "You know they'd do the same to us," he says of the Republicans. "We're supposed to be better than they are," she says. How did she get that far in politics without realizing how dirty it is? Everybody is awful. They're just awful for different outcomes. Nonetheless, Elaine wants no part of the dirty deal. That's when Collier gives her a file of all the particulars and says Reeves is having an affair with her son.

Back to the present. Elaine meets with the Chinese ambassador, with whom she's on friendly terms. They speak French so that the ambassador's translator doesn't understand what they're saying... except that words like "nuclear" and "accident" and "S.O.S." are the exact same in French and English. Oy. The ambassador says he can't send a rescue team, as it would expose their failure.

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