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Panic at the Disco

T.J. loiters around some hotel or apartment lobby. While he nervously waits for something to happen, he has a flashback that conveniently picks up where his mother's left off. She confronts him about the affair. "Are you gonna let them do this?" he asks. "Come after us like some kind of witch hunt?" "I think what they're doing is the lowest form of politics," Elaine says, "but the Congressman created this situation for himself." T.J. thinks his mother's mad because his boyfriend is a Republican, but it's his marriage that's really got her bothered. Poor, deluded T.J. thinks Sean is going to leave his wife, but Elaine has been here before, on the other side of the equation. "He's a politician -- if he was going to leave her, he would have done it!" T.J. goes on about how much he loves Sean and how he's a different person with Sean and he doesn't need any drugs when he's with Sean. "You are tying your sobriety to this asshole? You are in so much trouble," she says. "Then help us," he pleads. She says that's what she's doing now, but he storms off in tears.

Back in the present day, T.J. "just happens" to run into Sean in the lobby. T.J. lights up like a million watts, but Sean is more reserved. Sean starts to mention the suicide news, but T.J. waves it away as rumor. He invites Sean to the opening of his club and Sean is super excited about it. That he's only pretending to be excited would be obvious to everyone but T.J.

Garcetti and Elaine argue about the Chinese sub. Elaine wants to rescue the men because it's the right thing to do. Even my liberal, half-Chinese self is like, "Eh, whatever." You sign up to take a sub into American waters, you kind of have to accept the risks. "We can't just give up on a hundred lives," Elaine says. "Spare us the morality talk," Collier says, "when you're plotting a coup d'├ętat." Right on, Gomer! Elaine denies everything, but they know about the secret trip to the pollster and all the rest of the dumb plot to run against Garcetti. Elaine claims it's all a rumor. Garcetti doesn't budge on the sub issue.

Georgia the cupcake-baking blogger interviews Anne. It's supposed to be a puff piece about Anne's interior decorating business, but it quickly turns into something else. Georgia: "So, you're super busy and you're probably gonna be even busier once Elaine Barrish runs for office again." Anne: "Oh, yeah, totally!" Georgia: "HA! GOTCHA!" Anne: "Aw, damn it!" Anne goes home to Doug all in a panic over Georgia's trickery. She's never going to stop throwing up now. Doug calls Susan and tells her what happened. If Susan doesn't kill the story, both she and Doug are screwed.

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