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Panic at the Disco

Gunner and T.J. arrive at the club in a limo. Gunner's a little too charmed by all the celebrity treatment. T.J. finds out Sean hasn't picked up his VIP pass to the party and gets super sad. He has a flashback to December. He's just told Sean about the blackmail threat. Sean is in a panic, but T.J. tries to get him to see it as an opportunity to come out. "There's no more sneaking around, no more being hidden." T.J. cites his own experience, but Sean scoffs. "You think this country's going to applaud me for breaking my wife's heart? For lying to everyone?" T.J. tries to kiss him, but Sean shoves him away. He says a lot of hurtful things about being disgusted and lonely and susceptible. He doesn't want T.J.'s pathetic life. T.J. stands there looking like he just got kicked in the sternum as Sean leaves.

Present day. T.J.'s dealer (he was on the VIP list, too) hands him a baggie of cocaine the size of a ping pong ball.

Susan and Doug meet. She tells him Georgia won't back off. When Doug finds out that Susan turned down Georgia's byline deal, he blows up at her. He does a lot of shouting about women in politics and up with uteruses and all that jazz. They look like they're about to dive into some serious hate sex at any moment, but Susan finally only changes her mind when Doug appeals to her ambition. She wants a shiny new Pulitzer and this is her way to get it. "You want it as bad as I want to be White House Chief of Staff," he says. Ah, finally! His own ambition is verbalized. "Like it or not," he says, 'in order for our dreams to come true, my mother's has to come true first."

Elaine goes to the Oval Office to talk to Garcetti. If he spends his campaign wearing a tuxedo shirt with his tie undone like he's got here, then he's going to be a hard man to beat. Woof. Elaine confesses that she does plan to run against him. "I'll resign in 48 hours after we have saved those men... together." There's more lecturing, but in the end they reach an agreement.

Bud gets his latest poll numbers and realizes Mindy's advice isn't helping him, so he decides it's okay for him to go to his son's nightclub. Or something. The poll numbers are the only insight the show gives to show why Bud would suddenly change his mind. He also figures if he's going to change his image as a womanizer, he should probably stop actually being one. Of course, during all this he calls Mindy "hon" and "doll," so he's apparently not trying to change his image as a patronizing pig. Baby steps!

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