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Panic at the Disco

T.J. has snorted his way through most of the coke when Gunner walks into the V.I.P. room and finds him. Gunner tries to get him to leave, but T.J. talks his fellow addict into staying with promises of fame and success and hot women. Wait. Gunner is straight? Also, maybe Doug should have hired someone who wouldn't be so easily tempted by drugs. Gunner and T.J. totally share the same snortin' straw, too. So unsanitary!

Flashback. T.J. remembers watching the news as Sean talks to a reporter about changing his vote on that bill. Drunk and crying, he goes to the garage, gets into his car and starts the engine. The garage fills with exhaust. Cut to the present, where he's inhaling his current oblivion of choice.

Susan agrees to share the byline with Georgia. They shake hands on the deal, but Susan has tried to help Georgia before and it bit her in the ass.

Bud arrives at the club and finds Gunner in a drugged daze. He realizes what this means for his son. The next bit is intercut with scenes from the past. As Elaine finds T.J. in the garage back then, Bud finds him on the floor in the V.I.P. room. He shouts for an ambulance and cradles his unconscious son. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he says. Yes, Bud, you really are.

Tippi Blevins once wanted to be in politics, then came to her senses. Email questions or comments about this recap to b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her on Twitter at @TippiB.

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