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Elaine meets with Susan that night at the zoo, just outside the elephant enclosure. Susan apologizes for the story and accepts responsibility. She also tells Elaine about her boyfriend/editor sleeping with the journalist who went to press with the story. "For years, I wrote about you being an affront to women because you stayed with your husband," she says. "Then when I went to pack tonight, it was one of the hardest I've had to do." Elaine is sympathetic. She explains it took her 30 years to find the strength to leave Bud. She then gives Susan a juicy story by telling her that Bud will be going to Iran. Before they go their separate ways for the evening, Elaine tells Susan just why she loves elephants. They're majestic, fearsome, but still gentle. They're a metaphor for women. They're metaphants. Elephors? Anyway, Elaine goes on to say elephants have a matriarchal society. "And when the males reach mating age, they kick them the hell out of the herd." Susan laughs and beams admiration at Elaine.

Elaine gets back into the car with her Secret Service agent. "Can you keep a secret, Clark?" she asks. "That's my job, Madam Secretary," he says. That... and getting hookers. "I'm going to run for president again," Elaine says. "And this time -- I'm gonna win." This gets her a big ol' smile from the agent. That's one voter down. Five more episodes to go. Is that enough time to explain how unrealistic it is for her to run against her boss when he's only halfway through his first term? For all USA's touting of this as a "limited series event," it sure feels like a setup for an ongoing series.

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