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Second Time Around

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Second Time Around

Party time. Doug pulls his mother aside. "I meant what I said yesterday about how difficult this is going to be," he says, "but if anyone can pull it off, you can." They hug and smile and then Bud shows up and asks his son for a hug. "But not one of your pussy hugs!" he clarifies, ever so charmingly. Bud then turns his charm towards his ex. "Shugah," he drawls. Does he realize it's not really a special nickname if he calls practically every woman the same thing? Margaret and Thomas perform their number so that Bud and Elaine can dance to something meta. Bud has figured out that his ex intends to run for president again. He thinks she sent him on that mission to "boost his numbers." "Yes, Bud, I am going to run for president," she admits. "Without you."

Flashback. Elaine asks Bud to promise he'll never cheat again, but he's at least honest enough to tell her she should leave him. "I'll cheat again and I'll lie again and I'll break your heart again," he says. Elaine looks devastated, but says she isn't leaving. She says some weird, horrible thing about how she got married to the whole country the day Bud took the Oath of Office. I appreciate the effort to explain why Hillary -- er, Elaine -- would choose to stay with her womanizing husband, but that is just awful martyr crap right there.

Back to the present. Bud and Elaine dance as Susan writes her feature piece. It's a glowing review of the Secretary of State both professionally and personally. "I've written a lot about Elaine Barrish in this paper over the years. I've criticized her for just about everything, from her policies to her marriage, to her motives, to her hair. I was right about the hair, by the way. I've written a lot of things about Elaine Barrish, except 'Thank you.' I've never written that, until today." Ugh. Also awful.

That night, she meets with Doug in an empty street. "Why are you telling me this?" she asks. "Because if I don't kill this now, it'll start all over again," he says. "My parents have spent their lives putting this country before their family. Somebody has to put our family first. We can't take another run -- we won't survive it." Susan says she can't go to press with this without confirmation. Doug tells her to find it. "My mother is going to run against Garcetti, that's all I can tell you," he says. With that, he drives off and leaves Susan to stand there, looking ever so slightly torn.

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