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Oh, Get Over Yourselves

Nicole tells us that outside of the studio, everything is usually "peachy keen." She then continues to lie and says that it's only inside the studio that things "heat up." For her use of the words "peachy keen," Nicole is now my least favorite person on this show. I hate her apathetic face.

Rosanna says that it's important to have your own little part of the song to point out to people and say, "That's me."

Maile says they all want to be featured. She says that all of their egos have been crushed at one point.

Ivette says that she's not crazy about the song because it doesn't feature all of them. "So, I'm not too crazy about that." When Ivette says "us," however, it's pretty clear she means "me." And, I don't know, it seems like this is becoming a bigger deal than it needs to be. It's just the first song, right? On an entire album, right? Get Over Yourself, indeed.

Now that the song has been recorded, the girls have to choose a name. Put quotes around that last sentence and add an annoying voice, and you've got the narrator. Ivette (with straightened hair) looks into a book, looks up, and says, "The Deal." No one says anything. Ivette looks next to her and quietly asks, "No?" The camera pans over to Maile sitting next to her. "No." Hee.

Nicole tells us that right now her favorite name for the group is "Bella." Hey, is that a shout-out? Nicole laughs, because she knows that name is dumb as hell.

Ivette's not giving up and now tries the Jennifer Lopez version of her word. "What about 'On the Real'?" No one is talking to Ivette. "The Real Deal." The word "real" probably shouldn't be anywhere near these girls.

Cut to some other day with Ivette on a couch. She suggests this "fun" activity of everyone thinking of a really cheesy name at the same time. I hope everyone else picks "The Real Deal" and shouts it at her.

"Elation!" Maile says with scary eyes. She immediately says she's just kidding and the other girls would hate that suggestion, even though you can tell she's really kind of smitten with Elation.

Nicole looks up from her book. "What about 'Seek'?" I'd like to offer "Seek and Destroy." No one ever asks for my opinion. Maile actually needs this answer: "You guys didn't like 'A and E' or 'E and A'?" I wonder if that stands for Arts and Entertainment or Ass and Extensions. "Amuse," Nicole says, and then quickly negates herself. Ivette writes down in her notebook, "Kismet," saying she likes it a lot. Now, somehow, there's a man's voice in the room. In a bad edit, Couch Ivette is telling Earnest Ivette, "That's really dumb!"

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