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You Won't Be Dancin', Yeah

Popstars is brought to you in part by Wendy's. If you have ever had one single Crispy Chicken Nugget in your life, you're never going to be a Popstar.

We see the girls clapping and congratulating themselves again, as Travis claps for Christina Petty and says, "She's good!" "But the judges have one final test," the narrator tells us.

Girls scatter like Miss Hannigan is about to enter the room. They're getting split up into groups where they have fifteen minutes to come up with a dance, learn to harmonize and then perform their segment of a song. Tiffinni Ranae is just running around from side to side, apparently searching for a group that wants her.

We cut to a group of girls trying to sing "Genie In A Bottle" together. One girl stops them to tell another girl that she's screwing up. Something about not having her mouth open in a perfect circle, judging from the miming that she's doing.

Another group sits together as one girl tells another she's doing well.

Shaunda Johnston is asking her group what kind of tone they want to take with their song, since she can sing anything.

Travis and the Hyphentwins stand with their arms crossed, watching the girls. They're looking at the different personalities, and to see if the girls work well with others.

We're told that a leader emerges from each group, as we see Baby Norman bossing around her giggle of girls.

We're introduced to someone new now? Ciamar Hernandez, twenty-one, Dallas, is harmonizing her group. We flashback to her Day Two audition where she sings "Unbreak My Heart" quite well. She tells the judges that she's been sightreading since she was thirteen. She says she doesn't have perfect pitch, but she has relative pitch. We cut back to her group where she has the girls singing doo-wop while one girl busts out the actual words to "What A Girl Wants."

We cut to another group. This one is having problems. "Three of the girls are being overshadowed by Melissa Rosenson, a dispatcher from Atlanta, Georgia." One of the overshadowed girls is my new favorite, Curtisha. Melissa, twenty, is wearing incredible amounts of lipstick, and obviously thinks she's Christina Aguilera. The other girls are giving her the stink-eye as Melissa groans and moans through the words. Jennifer watches and mumbles something through a smile to Jaymes. I can't hear what it was. It must not have been approved by Jaymes.

We cut to a flashback of Bea and are told once again about her lucky tube top. We see her at the Day Two auditions. "Was I supposed to get dressed up?" she snarks, looking around the room. "I didn't know that. Nobody informed me of that." The narrator tells us that Bea brings a "cool street vibe to her ensemble." We see Bea telling her group how to sing like Christina Aguilera.

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