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Jangela Speaks!
Author's note: Jangela speaks very quickly. She was gracious enough to spend an entire hour of airtime minutes on her cell phone to give the following interview. Most of it is transcribed here.

Pamie: Sorry to hear you got cut.

Jangela: Yeah, we were supposed to find out two weeks after the audition and it ended up being about a month. All of my friends -- well, all three that knew I went out and did this because I was too afraid to tell anybody -- were there and I had a camera taping myself. They called six times or so. They call two times before you talk to the judges before they tell you if you made it. As soon as they told me, they didn't give me a chance to ask any questions about why I didn't make it.

Pamie: So, Jaymes called you, then?

Jangela: I think it was Jennifer. Because Jaymes had a rougher voice. I assumed it was a staffer.

Pamie: Tell me about the Hyphentwins and Travis.

Jangela: It was really weird because when I went to the auditions the first day there were a ton of girls there and no one had a good idea of what was going on. You first talked to two talent scouts and then you went into another room and then you find out about the judges. I was impressed at who we were auditioning for, because at the time Coyote Ugly had just come out [Travis was the choreographer]. Their portrayal is warmer than they appear on television. They were just kind of walking around and interacting with anybody. They didn't even seem like the judges by the end of day two.

Oh, when Travis didn't like you he made the weirdest faces, like when a dog is confused. That was great.

We spent probably a total of twenty-two hours around these people because it was basically like a cattle call. Day One in Atlanta I got there at about six-thirty in the morning and I was done around five in the afternoon and they didn't finish until eight or nine that night and the next day started at eight.

Second callbacks and dance were on the same day. They didn't tell us anything. Some girls got a call the night before to remind us that we were dancing. I got a call that said, "Make sure you still kinda look Popstarish." Dave, the field producer for the show, called to remind me to bring the U-Haul. Another girl called to tell me to dress up a little more Popstarish. They didn't tell me to bring anything to dance in. Some of the girls didn't get called at all and some girls were told to bring something comfortable to dance in.

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