L.A. Apologizes for Noise Violations

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Tears On My Pillow

Outside, fifteen girls pile on Ciamar to console her. Ciamar gets the final word: "That same station that has that damn little frog."

Jean is coming back, infuriating her mother.

Margaux is also called back. ["That shocked me." -- Wing Chun]

"Shaunda is happy." I hate the narrator.

"As is Nicole."

"Garland Gerber will be coming back." Garland cries and hugs Kerrie in the hallway.

T.V. is also called back, which is just amazing. Oh, the tummy. The navel ring. I had not seen her secret weapons before.

Keitha Lind is asked back.

They ask Christina back. She smiles and says yes.

Alexandra sits down. Jennifer says, "We are gonna go ahead and...send you home." Alexandra smiles and nods. "That's fine," she says. "Yeah," Jennifer agrees. Alexandra keeps smiling: "I don't have a problem with that at all. I am like, very grateful for you guys bringing me here, giving me a chance and I wish you the best of luck. You have a bunch of awesome girls."

Outside, Alexandra is gang-mobbed by girls trying to console her. She yells from deep inside the flesh, "I don't care, you guys!" She says she's happy and she wants to see her boyfriend. "I'm gonna give him a big ol' kiss!" She smiles and walks off.

The first part of the workshop is now over. The narrator recaps the past fifteen minutes, with footage we've already seen, sometimes six times (Alexandra shaking her head is starting to lose any sort of meaning).

Next week: the last of the workshop. All sorts of crying. Christina says she's scared. Ivette gives a huge monologue about how she looks at her roommate and thinks about how she might not be there tomorrow, or that she herself might not be there tomorrow. Five will "have their hearts broken" at the end of next week's show. Petagay tells Kerrie to keep it cool. The remaining fifteen will be "primped and pampered" for a live performance for the judges at -- oh, dear Lord -- the Viper Room. Johnny Depp, get your ass back from France and put a stop to this mess. I wish I had lived here when this was happening. After that performance, another five get cut. You can totally see in this clip who is still around, by the way. This leaves ten left at the end of next week's show.

After Popstars, the nightly news had an interview with cut L.A. Popstar hopeful Katie Morris. She got to talk more here than the four weeks of being on the show. "I totally expected it to, especially being a singer in L.A. and seeing the type of competitive vibe here. But all of the girls, we were...we became really good friends. The girls cried the most probably when their friend got cut. Do you know what I'm saying? You really wanted...we really wanted all the girls to make it. And um, even the judges. It's their job to be professional and their job to say, 'Okay, we want you and you.' I saw them crying. I saw them crying when their favorites got, you know, taken away. Whoever you are, whether you're an actress or a singer, you have to handle rejection to survive in this industry. And if they can pick theirselves [sic] up from it and dry their tears and try again, it's gonna be great for them." The anchorwoman then cuts in and tells us that Katie is "very articulate" and that she "travels around and gives motivational speeches on the internet about, um, putting your best foot forward, how to promote yourself." It's exhausting being an internet traveler. Sometimes I'm not home for weeks. "So, go to her website. Katie.com, uh, KatieMorris.com and, uh, you'll be able to check it out." That's some fine reporting there, peeps. My favorite part about Katie's website is the lyrics section, where you can see that Katie takes well-known song titles and writes new songs for them. Like Madonna's using "Crazy For You" anymore these days. Brilliant, Katie.

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