L.A. Apologizes for Noise Violations

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Tears On My Pillow

More arm thrusting and hip wiggling. The narrator tells us that the girls know they are being watched all the time, so they're trying to keep their emotions under control. "Christina Petty knows this first-hand," he finishes. Christina tells us that she was crying earlier when the piano was playing because she misses home. Damn, I kinda miss Dog, too. With his invisible support system. He's there, but not all up in our shit.

We're reminded again that Alexis is the only one who deserves to be a Popstar because this is her first audition and she wants it so badly. Alexis says something I can't understand at all, and then says she'd have a heart attack if she made it into the group.

Shaunda and Alexis out-sing Aaliyah with each other.

Travis then "ups the ante" by showing the girls actual choreography. They all learn the moves.

Cut to girls in groups of five doing the new dance, complete with mic props. Ana Maria Lombo is the girl with the family band. She's also the girl with a kick-ass body. In a separate room interview, Ana Maria is telling us about her family band. She's wearing the same stuff from episode one's interview, so I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that Ana Maria probably makes it into Popstars and this is a later interview since they didn't get much tape on her during the initial audition process. There is no other explanation for this boring story she's telling about how she and her sister used to sing Christmas carols for her father.

Scary Rosanna Tavarez isn't as scary when she's not wearing giant amounts of pomade. We split screen to her with scary hair, telling us that she feels much more invested at this point than she ever did before. She never thought she'd get this far. "This is like a dream," she says. "This is incredible." She smiles and laughs.

Travis pushes Alexandra up against the back brick wall and grabs the arm of Alexis instead. As Alexandra pouts and holds back the tears, the narrator tells us that her lack of formal dance training is starting to make Alexandra feel inferior. Um, I'm thinking it's because Travis just ditched her for a new dance partner.

Cut to Petagay holding Alexandra's hand. Isadelle and Kerrie are standing with them, smiling. Petagay is pointing right up in Alexandra's shit, telling her not to make such a stink-face every time she messes up a dance move: "When you mess up, don't ever look like that. Don't ever put that look on your face. I can see you from all the way across the room. When you mess up, you're like...[waves hands frantically and sneers]. Don't ever look like that." Alexandra smiles and looks up at the ceiling and says, "I'm very...perfectionist [sic]." I really hope that Alexandra only recently learned English. Petagay gets back up in Alexandra's face, complete with the Serious Thumb and Finger Pinch of "Let Me Tell You Something, Girl," and says, "You don't need to be taught how to dance. You need to be taught to be comfortable. You don't need to be taught how to dance, 'cause I've seen you move." Alexandra counters, "Not even!" She then says, "I just...I just need to get used to it." Petagay says, "That's...Thank you! That's all I've been waiting to hear you say." Petagay raises the Hand of "I'm Done" and says, "I don't wanna hear anymore." Petagay walks off. That was my favorite moment in Popstars history. Why can't all of the segments be that good?

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