L.A. Apologizes for Noise Violations

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Tears On My Pillow

No clue who this blonde is: "I'm not as naïve as you think I am."

Ivette: "Know what goes on between a woman and a man." ["She's so in, by the way. I have a crush on her." -- Wing Chun]

Ana Maria: "Don't act so serious, just take my hand."

Shaunda: "If you wanna know -- Can I do you right? Can I make you want me? You know I can." Everyone bursts into cheers, as that's the law when Shaunda sings.

Overhead shot of the girls all dancing with microphone stands. The damn narrator is back: "The moment of truth. It's time to put it all together." The girls sing the new song and put it to the dance moves they learned yesterday. We watch them in groups of five, but the music dubbed is one group singing no matter which group is dancing up there. The girls all pose on the final note in a tits-and-ass huddle around St. Elmo as Travis looks over for approval. Everyone applauds as Travis whispers something in St. Elmo's ear. I'm sure it's, "That last moment was just for you, David."

Now the girls are ushered into a waiting room to find out which six are cut. Garland is crying with some girls. In another corner, Ivette tells her group that each one of them did very well today. Alexis tells us she doesn't want to go home yet. There is a group hug. We see lots of girls hugging as the narrator tells us this experience brought the girls together in a way the judges didn't expect. Nikki asks the room if they'd be interested in sitting in a circle and saying something positive about the person next to them.

Cut to fifty-two ovaries forming the biggest circle of emotion in Hollywood. Garland tells Ciamar that she's the most beautiful woman. "You are like the epitome of a woman." Ciamar is touched. T.V. looks on jealously and nods.

Alexandra is hugging Jessica as Jessica says that each girl is "so unique." She points at Cheaza and says, "And you are amazing." The camera pans over and you can see the moment when Baby assumes that Jessica is talking about her and then realizes she's pointing just to the right of her.

Alexandra tells us that Christina is the quiet one of the group, but she got to know her on the trip over and she knows how much this audition means to her and how she needs it more than any of the other girls. Christina wipes her tears as she listens. Alexandra says she hopes she was able to help her by being there for her.

"You know what?" Ivette interrupts. "You're gonna be somewhere! You're gonna be somewhere!" I think she's talking about Christina, but it's hard to tell.

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