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Tears On My Pillow

Rosanna turns and says, "Cheaza." Cheaza is already crying and laughing. "Look at me," Rosanna says. "You have the most glorious voice." The Scarytwin looks jealous. Rosanna thanks Cheaza for her energy and passion. Rosanna tells everyone that she thinks they're extremely special. Shaunda wipes her tears. Nicole watches with her eyes brimming.

Okay, look, so this episode fell on a particularly shitty night, right? And I was feeling sorry for myself and all stupid and sad and shit, so at this point I was pretty much bawling. All of y'all can just shut up. There was too much estrogen. I couldn't resist for that long. I'm just one person! They have dreams and passions, you guys! They yearn and work hard and want this so bad, and all of them are just going to get closer and closer and then get all of those dreams shattered. Even if they do make it to the final five, they're going to find out that being in a pop band isn't everything they've always wanted. All of them are just going to be disappointed and pissed and sad and miserable and then their fifteen minutes will have been wasted on the WB. It's fucking pathetic, and I couldn't stop crying at the tragedy of it all.

Cheaza thinks for a second, and then comes up with something nice about Baby: she's a cool roommate. Baby sneers, because she wanted to hear how talented she is. Cheaza starts to break down again, saying that Baby is like a sister she's never had (which I think is pushing it after only knowing her two days) and Baby sort of pats her on the back. Cheaza thanks everyone and tells them to keep their dreams alive. Everyone claps.

They tease us with clips of girls as they say that six are about to go home, but it's not even the right six, so I'm just cutting straight to the Tiny Squares of Girls and Fun.

The girls are now waiting in another room, all sitting there nervous, waiting to find out if they made it.

Alexis goes first. Roger, Travis, and the Hyphentwins smile at her. Alexis pulls up her purple halter so that the fringe dangles just around her bellybutton, and sits down. Travis congratulates her for getting this far. They ask her to come back tomorrow. "Oh, yes!" Alexis smiles.

Outside, Alexis dances in front of the girls. "I told you!" Alexandra yells. One girl claps.

Jessica Robinson is next. Jaymes tells her that she's not fitting in with what their specific needs are. They don't ask her back.

Outside, Jessica hugs a few girls goodbye.

Camille Guaty is next on the chair. Jennifer says that they are happy with her performance and that they are going to ask her back. Camille starts crying instantly and says she thought she wasn't going to be asked back. "We need a Kleenex box in this room!" Jaymes bitches. They ask Camille why she thought she'd be cut. Camille says something through her tears that I can't understand -- something about not being there for the pick-up. Travis says she needs to concentrate and not let her nerves get the best of her. Camille smiles and thanks them.

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