Shut Up, Ivette

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Wah! It's Hard to Stand Still For Pictures!

The girls look at one of the desert group shots. Ivette chews on something and gives her approval on one of the shots.

Maile points out one picture and goes, "What's wrong with that one?" Nicole and Ivette take a look at it and someone points out, "Our heads have gotten cut off." I bet Maile's head wasn't cut off in that one.

Rosanna is happy with one picture because "there's a symmetry and also a variety to it." Ivette suggests putting a star next to it so they know it's their very favorite so they use it for all of their promo material. Ana Maria holds up the proofs and says they'll probably only get rid of a couple of the pictures.

Nicole moans that she doesn't like one of the pictures while Ana Maria tells us in a split screen that the first time she looked at the pictures she thought everyone looked gorgeous.

Ana Maria holds the proofs over her face and says, "I like this one they marked too…except I can't see my face." Oh, man. That's funny.

Ivette jams her finger into one of the pictures and wishes that Carlo had shot everything differently. In a split-screen she tells us: "When we got the pictures back…I mean…again. Everybody is their own worst…critic." Ana Maria makes a stink-face to someone in the other screen. Ivette continues: "So, to find a picture the five of us liked? Was nearly impossible."

Cut to the girls poring over the pictures. "Why don't you do this, Nicole?" Maile snots. "Why don't you tell us the ones YOU look good in, and then we'll work around that." Someone coughs uncomfortably. "Whatever, Maile," Nicole drones. Then there's a silence and you hear Nicole drone off a, "--ck you." "I'm KIDDING-gah!" Maile immediately screeches. "I was totally kidding!" Maile continues. Ana Maria and Nicole share a smile as someone scolds Nicole for using "the F-word." Oh, God. Why did the Christians leave the group? Oh right, to avoid skank bitches. "You were totally not kidding!" Ana Maria smiles. "You were NOT kidding!" Ivette laughs. But now they're talking to Nicole. The phone rings, adding to the chaos, and someone's on the phone while Maile continues to scold Nicole for her harsh language. Nicole says that if Maile was kidding then she was too. She's not even looking up from the pictures. "She's totally not listening to me," Maile says, but no one in the room is listening to her. The camera is focused on nothing in particular and the girl on the phone is louder than anything else in the room and this sucks. Some random off-camera woman asks if the girls are "satisfied" with the pictures. Maile leans down to Nicole and says, "I was totally kidding!" Nicole barely lifts her drug-filled eyes and drones, "I was kidding, too."

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