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I Hate You Guys So Much

I really don't like this show anymore.

Previously on Popstars: a photo shoot. The girls yawned, posed, cried, whined, and bitched.

Tonight the girls will be whisked to New York for media shoots, to meet a fan, perform on Regis and Kelly, and then record the final song for the album. Oh, and then they cry quite a bit. And there're only like two more episodes before we say, "Get over yourself, goodbye." I can't wait.

Yeah, I was right there
Like good writer
I was recapping all you need
Making things seem brighter
I was feeling you, entertaining you, feeding your desires
But that was then, this is now
I stabbed myself in the eye.
Ooh, oooh, oh.
If I could choose sides
Ooh, oooh, oh.
I'd scoop out their insides

The girls are dancing in a van as the narrator tells us that they have been together now for four months and they don't have to keep their identities a secret anymore. We see the girls get their pictures taken by a few crusty men.

Cut to the girls on KTLA, the Los Angeles WB's morning news show. The "news" man asks Nicole if this has changed her life. She's all drugged up on something fierce as she props her eyelids open with her microphone to slur that it's "definitely" changed her life. "It is a dream come true and we all feel very blessed and fortunate to be here but it is a really hard [sic]. But we love it. I mean, we love, I, I love it. Personally." The other girls stand there and hold their microphones. Rosanna looks furious that they've still got her in that bad bob haircut. The newsman asks "what's the thing" that got them picked over any of the other girls. He says this while snapping his fingers, as if there's some sort of magic to all of this. Maile says it's all about if they can interact with each other and work well within a group. This is coming from the person that didn't have to go through any of the workshops or auditions. She lisps around saying that they all work really well together and they knew that from day one. Yeah. After they had been chosen. Does Maile not know we watch the show? Well, I guess it's a pretty safe assumption to think that we don't. Because I wouldn't if I didn't have to. No one watches this show with me anymore. I used to be able to invite all sorts of people over to watch it with me. Now there's nobody even slightly interested anymore.

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