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When Will the Fans Stop Screaming, Clarice?

The crying-laughing girl from earlier is shown snarking to her friend again. Oh, Ivette has a verse in this song. No wonder we rarely hear it. We see the same shot of the lipstick-face girl cheering. Lime Green Older Girl doesn't know the words, but sasses her head around and opens her mouth like she does. Ivette screws up her lip-synching just a bit and we see her inhale before we hear it. The crowd is quite subdued at this point. The cameramen walk onto the stage and the crowd realizes the song is ending, so they start cheering harder. Lipstick girl points at the camera and gives a "number one" sign. Jenny screams.

Ana Maria introduces "Get Over Yourself," as a song that's "in stores right now." Nicole's head wobbles precariously on her shoulders as she shouts again, "What? What?" Which is exactly what I said after I heard her do that. Nicole is always adding just a bit more to her parts, isn't she? About nineteen girls in the audience actually know the words and sing along. The rest of them forgot to do their homework.

Okay, so yeah. I have to hear this damn song again. Ana Maria tells us in a split screen how great it feels to be onstage and how she has energy "come out of [she doesn't] know where." She says she just projects it. They've already added an extended dance remix to the end of the song. The girls hold the ending pose while the audience cheers for a long time because it's finally over. The girls thank Chicago and run offstage. The narrator says that "although it's gone well, the girls are overwhelmed." Oh, God. Can't they like anything?

Back in the green room Maile says she didn't expect to hear people screaming. Some man in the back is offering to help Rosanna take off her clothes. Maile's going on about how "unreal" it all was as Nicole sits back with her eyes closed, allowing the recent heroin fix to soar through her veins. Ana Maria has wrapped her hair in a towel and is drinking water.

The girls sit for autographs. It shouldn't take long if there are only six promotional posters left. Rosanna says things about how all kinds of people (mothers, kids, babies, young boys, "old boys and men") came to see them, but I'm not recapping what Rosanna says anymore. Ooh, I do have to say this, because it's great. She goes, "I mean, I was like, 'Who the hell are we?'" Man, that's almost the best line of the episode, but Jenny's "Forever" line is still my favorite.

Speaking of, we flashback to Jenny getting petted by Nicole while she talks to Ana Maria. Jenny stands and says to us, "I'm just so high. This is just one of the best days in my life." So she did get to spend some time with Nicole, then.

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