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When Will the Fans Stop Screaming, Clarice?

Outside there are more paid fans to surround the limo. They cheer and point at the camera. The girls jump into the limo. Ivette is already on her cell phone. Ana Maria pulls hers out. Maile tells us: "It was so overwhelming. But at the same time we pulled through, we, you know, we had so much fun." Behind her Nicole and Travis hold hands and coo at each other. They really do. Ivette gets a close-up so we don't see the love in the backseat. It has to be that because the alternative is that she had something important to say. You be the judge. "I don't know. It's just like...I don't know." "I'm speechless," Maile says off-camera. "I am too," Ivette says. "I don't know." Nicole has stopped mugging with Travis and lifts her eyelids to say, "Every once in a while I'd look up and I'd just have to take a breath." Rosanna says something I'm not going to recap. But it's about her emotions. She lists about nineteen emotions. Maile says that when they started singing "Good For the Gander" that Eden's Crush came alive for the first time. Everyone else is still amazed at how amazing and beautiful they all are. "It was like our first live concert," Maile says. Uh, "like?"

Rosanna's on her cell phone crying to someone about something, but it's not so much that I'm refusing to recap her here, but the fact that they have the mic somewhere else in the limo. All I can hear are Nicole and Travis flirting, Ana Maria and Ivette on their cell phones, and I think the limo driver calling his mother to apologize for ruining his life. Everyone is crying. Ana Maria cries and tells the person on the phone that all kinds of people came to see the show. She says something that gets blanked out and she's holding a pink blankie. I can't hear her anymore because Travis is cracking himself up about something. Rosanna is crying and saying something about signing autographs, but Travis is still cracking himself up. Ana Maria is saying, "People were just reaching out just to like, touch us," but you can hardly hear her talking. The camera pans over to Ivette's monotone voice talking to someone on her cell phone. She's crying and saying something about love and how this was an important show. Behind her, Nicole is passed out in Travis' arms. I'm not kidding. Pan back over to Ana Maria who is still crying, saying she's "happy and so emotional." Over her you can hear Ivette tell the person on the phone that they had "fifteen hundred people" at the concert. I scream and then rip a fingernail out. Ana Maria cries. Pan over to Ivette crying.

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