The Tension! The Tears! The Predictability!

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California Dreamin'

We see Moi and Jillion packing. Jackie and Vanessa are still mugging down in their kitchen. The narrator tells us that everybody's psyched to go to L.A. The other finalists that we still haven't met and might not ever meet are: Katie "Stripper" Webber, Jahzeel "Um, Who?" Mumford, Monika "(The Other Baby's Mama)" Christian, Tom "Jock" Tustler, Corey "No, Really, Who the Fuck Is That?" Clark, Sharra "Tan in a Can" Dade, Shannon "Christian" Yoesle, Kimberly "Katy" Caldwell, Greg "The Six Flags Performer" Treco, Angel "The Girl With the Blue Pants in All the Promos" Ortiz, Ejay "Huh-way?" Day, Laurie "Summer Teeth" Gidosh, Miredys "Who? And Thanks For Breaking My Spellcheck" Peguero, Shariana "Stop! The Names! Stop!" Sulifau, Tenia "Diva" Taylor, Donavan "I Make Clothes" Green, Shana "Like An Owl, All The 'Who's" Montanez, and Josh "Aaah!" Henderson.

"This is as real as it gets," Dorothy tells us for no reason. The narrator recaps the next half-hour, but that's my job. PseudoTravis yells that he doesn't want to see people sweat while they're dancing. Jahzeel tells us that this is brutal. It sure is, Jah. It sure is.

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