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Coup The Bitch is back! Long may she reign!

One week later at the California State Penitentiary For Women -- Juvenile Division, April Tuna has adapted to prison life quite comfortably. Her hair has taken an Elvis turn and her new girlfriend Valentine is giving her a tattoo that says "I Hate Dick." Nicole knocks on the glass wall separating the visitors from the prisoners. April dismisses Valentine and turns her attention to her savior Nicole. Were you able to score the Count Chocula?" asks April. Nicole shakes her head no, betraying no expression whatsoever. She's wearing a black lace top, a black feathered boa at her throat and is made up within an inch of her life. April asks after the hit she put out on Emory. Nicole tells her that she cancelled it. "Why?" asks April. "Men are swine. Emory being the biggest piggy of all!" "He didn't set you up April," says Nicole. "I did." At first April thinks Nicole is joking and laughs hysterically while Nicole watches her and says nothing. Finally April gets it. "Yep," says Nicole. "I stole your little tape and got it to Krupps. I engineered the fall of the Glamazons. I got all my power back…and then some. And all at your expense. And ALL without once using sex." "But we're powerful women!" bleats April. "And powerful women stick together! You taught be that!" "From now on April, the only person I'm going to look out for is me," says Nicole. "Are you familiar with the 1974 Elton John song, 'The Bitch is Back'?" "Nicole Julian," says April Tuna, her voice trembling with disappointment and rage. "I swear, when I get out of here in two years, I'm gonna…model myself after you. You rock!" Nicole winks and the credits roll.

That's right. The Bitch is Back. May she rein forever and ever, dressed in the finest of linens and glittering with jewels. May the halls of Kennedy be filled with silver and gold and hung with the finest tapestries. May four year-old children dressed in tights and pointy shoes throw rose petals in her path while they sing her praises throughout the land. May a wild boar be stalked and killed in her honor and rotisseried in the town square. The Bitch is back, Lord Almighty, the bitch is back! Long live the bitch!

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