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Coup The Bitch is back! Long may she reign!

April Tuna escorts Nicole into her office, which is located in the refrigerated room they use to cure meat for the cafeteria. "Yeah," says April, "ya get used to the frigid temp but the jerky smell never goes away." Hee! Nicole says that she thought the president's office was next to the principal's office. April tells her that Krupps had her move downstairs because he needed to convert it into a large tanning booth. "Did you complain?" asks Nicole. "I didn't want to make waves," says April. Nicole is wearing this really awful outfit, actually. Tom_Ford_Sucks from the forums thinks (and he's probably right) that it's a shout-out to Charlotte Rampling's leather-studded fascist outfit in Night Porter, but I think it looks like she's trying to emulate Al Pacino in Cruising. Only, instead of leather and studs, it's velvet and rhinestones. And it just doesn't look good on Nicole. I guess this is supposed to be a statement about power or some such thing. Nicole replies that she knows just how April feels, since she never had the nerve to stand up to the other Glamazons back when she wanted to bring April in as choreographer. And while it's clever of Nicole to make it look like she was always looking out for April, it's totally inconsistent because they made April choreographer at the end of the "News Of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated" episode. Nevertheless, April is feeling vengeful about not being Glamazon choreographer and jokes about "pulling the plug on those 'rexic prima donnas." Nicole, once she ascertains that there's a grain of truth in April's joke, warns her not to attack too soon or the enemy will come back stronger. April is impressed with this Machiavellian advice and asks her to be her "Dick Cheney." Nicole observes that "even Dick Cheney got something for his troubles." April summons Gus Latrine and fires him on the spot. Then she and Nicole send his wheelchair flying down the hall while singing, "Sisters are doing it for themselves." When the wheelchair crashes and Gus's body flies through the air, April asks Nicole to be her new vice president. Nicole accepts and they toast the auspicious event with their Fruitopias.

The John Travolta club. Various male Kennedy students dressed as various Travoltas are doing "The Hustle." There's a Vinnie Barbarino, an Urban Cowboy, a Danny Zuko and even a Winged Michael. Emory, no longer mulleted, is wearing the white polyester three-piece from Saturday Night Fever and has a slicked-back pompadour, just like Tony Minero. Harrison and Josh enter and tell Emory they want to join the club. Emory is down with that but warns them they might be shut down by April next week. Josh reminds Emory that he's April's boyfriend and that should account for something. Emory tells them that being April's boyfriend may actually work against them because she may bend over backwards in an effort to appear impartial and cut them nonetheless. Harrison tells Emory to appoint a new president, thereby ending the appearance of conflict of interest. Emory thinks that's a great idea but has no idea who should be the new president. Harrison and Josh both volunteer and then argue over who deserves it. Of course no one gives a thought to the fact that there are several "Staying Alive" members who have been attending meetings throughout the whole year and probably should have been considered for president first. Josh points out that the president of "Staying Alive" should know how to dance. Harrison is all, "Is that a dis?" Emory proposes a dance-off to be judged by April Tuna. This had better be going somewhere funny.

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