I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!

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Screaming Queens!

Back in Harrison and Sam’s ambivalent love shack/sickroom, Sam starts to lose it and tries to throw a chair through a window so she can break out. Harrison physically restrains her from doing so and Sam loses her resolve, commenting obliquely that there’s no point in escaping since there’s nothing waiting for her on the outside now that she and George broke up. “What happened?” asks Harrison. Now it’s time for Sam to have her own spring-break flashback. She was at George’s house for the week, and she recounts an incident where the family has dinner and George’s grandmother -- who is being perfectly sweet to Sam otherwise -- hasn’t been told that Sam’s his girlfriend. Sam freaks out that George is ashamed of her. George explains that one of his brothers “dated someone who wasn’t African-American.” Okay, George? You can say “white girl.” We can handle it. Anyway, his grandmother didn’t approve and pouted for weeks. George points out, rightfully, that his grandmother is old and that her generation has different ideas about interracial relationships. There’d be no point in upsetting her since she’ll never change. Plus, as he points out, if he was ashamed of her, then why did he invite her to spend the week at his house? Of course Sam makes it all about her and doesn’t consider for a second a) what kind of racism this woman might have dealt with in her past, which would have understandably given her cause to harbor a deep-seated mistrust of white people; b) the fact that the grandmother was being perfectly nice to Sam; or c) that George shouldn’t be held accountable for the attitudes of his relatives. Sam and George break up, and Sam spends the rest of the week at a hotel. Um, where does a high-school student with no after-school job get such an infusion of cash to just stay at a Beverly Hills hotel if she has a fight with her boyfriend?

Back in the present, Harrison comforts Sam and offers sympathy for the reverse racism she’d just endured -- whatever -- and they start to make out. Before things can get serious, George enters and catches them. “I was breaking in here and risking my life to get you some help, Sam,” says George. “Clearly you’re doing just fine.” Sam is so busted that she’s horrified to the point of speechlessness. George goes on to explain that he finally did tell his grandmother about her, and ironically, she approved. “I thought she didn’t like my brother’s girlfriend because she was white. Not true. She didn’t like her because of her character.” Sam tries to explain, but George tells her to “save it.” George exits, locking the door he just opened behind him and trapping Sam back in that room with Harrison.

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