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Okay, there were four plot lines last week, and two were hilarious: the hoax of April Tuna's death, and Josh's mullet. The other two -- the Sam, George, and Harrison love triangle and Nicole's adoption -- were almost as lame as Harrison's leukemia. Guess which ones are being continued?

Last week on Popular, Harrison asks Sam to be his girlfriend. She chooses George. Nicole finds out that her mother's not dead, but a lunch lady right there at Kennedy.

Kennedy cafeteria. Okay, so there's this food fight and everyone's acting like it's a weekly occurrence. Never mind that last year, there was a food fight in the "Truth or Consequences" episode and it was such a big deal that they made Sam and Brooke relive their stupid cat fighting hijinks for the entire episode. Yet, this season, it's nothing major.

Now I have to say that I have a problem with how food fights are always presented as something cute, rebellious and spirited that teens do. All I can really think of is how some poor underpaid cafeteria worker who is wearing a stiff polyester uniform has to clean up after these kids. That's not very funny. Especially since we've learned recently that one of these lunch ladies is the mother of Nicole and another is the aunt of the vice-principal. I mean, I don't mean to get all sanctimonious and PC on you, especially since I'm going to be making snide comments about Carmen's near-date-rape later on, but someone has to clean this mess up and they're not going to be too happy about it. Am I the only one who can't get beyond the inconsideration shown in this scene?

Carmen, with her notebook and lunch tray in front of her, crawls on hands and knees over to where Brooke is hiding out under a table. Her neckline is plunging as it is, but on her hands and knees, there is so much cleavage, it makes you wonder what kind of deal they worked out with Latin American television to get Popular shown again down there. Brooke, who is wearing a lavender green turtleneck sweater and a pair of faded jeans, complains about the immaturity of high-school boys and how unchallenging her algebra worksheets are. Carmen is also "over" high-school boys. She chows on a banana, and although she doesn't say it, you know she's bummed that all that food that's flying around isn't in her gullet as we speak. "How long do we have to wait until everyone catches up to us?" asks an exasperated Brooke. "College?" asks Carmen, her mouth full of banana. Okay, even if I didn't know that Carmen was going to be almost date-raped from various promos and spoilers, I'd still predict it from the "provocative" outfit and mouth full of banana. Some milky-colored liquid is thrown, and it lands on Carmen and Brooke. No comment. "Follow me," says Brooke as she crawls out of the frame.


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