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"Who's your daddy" isn't necessarily a rhetorical question

Well, Lily ain't the only one in the Esposito-Ford household to go into sales. Josh is going door-to-door, trying to sell storm windows. A series of doors slam in his face. Finally he gets a customer, but it's a lonely old lady on social security who's only looking for company. While escaping from the lonely old lady, Josh drops his sample window on the pavement. It shatters. Enraged and frustrated, he stomps on it some more and then sits on the sidewalk and cries. So remember, kids, don't get married too young, or your wife will go frigid on you and you'll have to sell storm windows door-to-door.

The Novak. Nicole is primping while she waits for George to meet her and take her to the prom. Her cell phone rings. It's George, canceling on her because of food poisoning. "Food poisoning?" asks Nicole. "Or Brooke poisoning?"

The Palace. Sam and Brooke get ready for their date and play with the baby. Sam has thought of a name. Since all they once had in common was a "Mc" at the beginning of both of their last names, Sam wants to name her Mackenzie. Mackenzie McPherson-McQueen? Whatever. Brooke likes the idea, so it's final. Then they do the obligatory conversation where they both admit to each other that they are really glad to have each other as sisters despite their differences blah blah blah. They also decide that three is a crowd and that they both need to grow up and make Harrison choose between them.

Casa Esposito-Ford. Josh and Lily dress up and eat canned soup -- I guess she finally figured that out -- while Dido's "Thank You" plays. You see, "Thank You" is this year's anthem for bad white-trash marriages since a sample of it appears in Eminem's "Stan." Lily bursts into tears because, while cleaning earlier, she broke the tail off of one of Josh's gekkos. Josh explains that gekkos disconnect in order to stay alive when birds swoop down on them, and everything is fine. "I broke something too," says Josh. "My window." Lily is all, "That's all the money we had in the world." Josh is all, "I know!" and bangs his fist down on the table. Lily flinches, and Josh is all, "I'd never hit you. I love you." Lily is all, "Do you wanna do it now?" This time it's Josh who isn't in the mood. They go to sleep in their twin beds. "Do you remember how I thought we'd be okay?" says Josh while Dido wails. "I don't think we will."

The Palace. Nicole enters looking for Brooke while Mike is puttering around alone in the kitchen. She's drunk and bitter over her destroyed prom plans. You'd think she'd try to seduce him or steal the baby to make things interesting, but no. Mike takes her car keys because she's too drunk to drive, so Nicole steals the car keys back while he's off calling Nicole's mother.

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