You're no Tammy Lynn Michaels!

by Gustave July 11, 2001
The Tammy Lynn Michaels Interview

I said in my recap that I was expecting someone fabulously kittenish like Joan Collins. Actually, I even said that I wanted you to have a gay dad.

Oh, but she was really attractive in that hardened icy -- almost masculine -- way. I thought it was great casting. The thing I really didn't like -- and I mentioned this on the boards -- was that I had to boo-hoo my way through most of second season.

And your relationship with Brooke just disappeared. I mean, you and Mary Cherry being best friends was twice the laughs, so to speak, but there was something really predictable about it. The Brooke thing humanized Nicole in a really subtle way and made things interesting. It wasn't so obvious like the adoption storyline.

I will never say anything bad because I loved working with Grossman so much. I mean, yeah, I'm sure everyone was sitting around and going, "Oh gee, Nicole and Brooke aren't friends anymore," but it was so much fun to work with Grossman. But I'll be the first to admit we weren't exactly known for continuity. We had a lot of great writers and a lot of great ideas and sometimes too many great ideas were thrown into one script.

Yeah, like there's this one scene in the airport where you are all going on spring break, and the last episode had been "Coup," and when that ended, you were friends with no one, and then all of a sudden, here you are hanging out in the airport with the gang like nothing ever happened. And you have this look on your face like, what am I doing in the scene.

Well, I was also majorly PMSing at the time. But basically, when Nicole is down, she holds grudges, but when she's back on top, she doesn't think twice. That's how I justified that to myself. My own motivation for that scene was, "As soon as I get there, I'm going to find some rich guy to shack up with." I never played a scene as though I cared about anyone. Every scene was just a way to get to a hot guy with a lot money -- whether it was Carmen's brother or some married guy.

And by the way? I had no idea you were gay. I thought maybe you'd had a couple of experiences or something, but I had no idea that "coming out" would be an issue for you.

If you go back, you can read the interviews I did when I was in the closet and I was so terrified. Before I'd do them, all my managers and all my agents would be like [frantically], "Don't tell them you're gay! You'll be ruined! You'll never work again! You'll be working at McDonald's in a month!" I was so terrified.

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