You're no Tammy Lynn Michaels!

by Gustave July 11, 2001
The Tammy Lynn Michaels Interview

Anyway, there were supposed to be four of us for dinner but then Alan came and brought six people. And then his friends came and brought more people. My one friend who came had to sit at another table altogether.

Who is Alan? Alan Alda?

No. Alan Cummings.

Oh! Big difference.

Oh, I have to tell you this. The funniest thing I ever read in my life was that last recap where you went off on me and Melissa. Melissa thought that was hysterical. We laughed for an hour. "She weeps into a pillow from ABC Carpet"? Genius.

No shit! Melissa read that? Get out!

Yeah, I made her come over and I logged on and showed it to her. She lost her mind.

That is so weird. I had no idea anyone famous, let alone Melissa Etheridge, would be reading this stuff. She liked it?

She was a little freaked out about the "aging rocker" comment but she thought it was pretty funny.

If I had any idea she'd read that, I wouldn't have said that. Please tell her I'm sorry.


What do you watch on TV?

Well, because Popular took up so much of my time, I lost touch with other television. The only thing I'd watch were the Real World [and] Road Rules marathons on Saturday. Can we talk about Julie, that poor little Mormon?

Oh, and I watched Big Brother. "There's no class without Cass!" She was so dignified, I so dug her.

What magazines do you read?

The most amazing day of my entire life was when I went up to Leslie Grossman's beach house in Malibu for her bridal shower and when I walked in, there was pop, chips, candy and literally every tabloid from last year.

You know, normally I love to read trashy magazines, especially the tabloids. I read everything: The Globe, the Enquirer, Bazaar, Hello Magazine, that British magazine...

I love Hello Magazine. Could we talk about that for several hours?

Oh, I know. Also, People, Us Weekly, Teen People, Premiere and Entertainment Weekly. And I think that's it. But now that I'm being written about in half of those publications... [laughs] It's not quite as much fun as it used to be.

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