You're no Tammy Lynn Michaels!

by Gustave July 11, 2001
The Tammy Lynn Michaels Interview

Besides the political stuff that's been going on lately, I am obsessed with Jon Benet Ramsey. I just read the book, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town. It breaks my heart that they can't find out who the killer is.

I think it was the mother. Or at least one of the parents.

If it's one of the parents, they are both in on the cover-up. The thing that fascinates me is that they swore up and down that the son was asleep when they first found her missing, but when they play back the 911 tapes, you can clearly hear his voice in the background.

Oh, and I am obsessed with Britney Spears. Okay, I don't have a lesbian crush on her or anything, but I want her body. Literally. I want that body underneath my head. I want to look like that.

I have a boy crush on Ricky Martin. He is so sexy and he's a phenomenal entertainer. I wish my ass looked as good in leather pants. I don't want to sleep with Ricky Martin, I want to be him.

Do you think he'll ever come out?

[diplomatically] I don't know if he's gay.

[laughs] Good one.

No, I'm serious. I mean, we really don't know anything about him, do we?

Well, he does seem to be...


Uh, yeah, but even he has said some ambiguous things about his sex life. Did you see that Barbara Walters interview? If he's not gay, he's definitely trying to keep both of his fan bases.

Or he's just a sexually charged performer who attracts a gay fan base. Once you get the gay boys there, you have a loyal following.

It's true.

And I love them.

Who else do you like musically?

I love Aerosmith.

Did your agent ever tell you to put on a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform and go audition for Aerosmith? You know, Alicia Silverstone? Liv Tyler?

Oh! No, I haven't but I would so love to.

I also love Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Macy Gray, Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Springsteen, Cake, Loretta Lynn. My favorite album ever is the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.

Did you see Moulin Rouge?

Can we talk about "Lady Marmalade"? Whenever I see that video I feel a shot of endorphins and hormones heading toward my lady area. Give me a margarita and put that song on and I'm a one-woman party. I love Lil' Kim, Mya, and Christina. I love to see strong women.

I have a boy crush on Mya. Don't ask me why.

I like Pink. She's so East Village.

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